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At St Benedict’s College, we believe in ‘Assessment for Learning’. We believe that effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. We give our boys regular feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is that they need to do better. This allows us to base our teaching on a detailed knowledge of each boy. We give parents regular reports on their son’s progress so that teachers, children and parents are all working together continually to raise academic standards for all our boys.

Our academic approach is an outcomes-based system that aims to develop not only knowledge and skills, but also attitudes and values. We align our focus with the Critical Outcomes, Developmental Outcomes and Learning Outcomes adopted by the South African Qualifications Authority.

Critical Outcomes

  • Identify and solve problems and make decisions using critical and creative thinking.
  • Work effectively with others as members of a team, group, organization and community.
  • Organise and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively
  • Collect, analyse, organize and critically evaluate information.
  • Communicate effectively using visual, symbolic and/or language skills in various modes.
  • Use Science and Technology effectively and critically showing responsibility towards the environment and the health of others.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognizing that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation

Developmental Outcomes

  • Reflect on and explore a variety of strategies to learn more effectively
  • Participate as responsible citizens in the life of local, national and global communities.
  • Be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts.
  • Explore education and career opportunities
  • Develop entrepreneurial opportunities.

We practise continuous assessment.

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