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Educator Space Camp

Educator Space Camp

The First Educator Space Camp in South Africa

Aimed at Maths, Science, Geography and Technology teachers teaching for Grade 7 to Grade 9, including head of departments.
Receive lesson plans and teaching resources with challenging cross curricular tasks.
Space Camp focusses on problem solving, communication and group work.

Scheduled lessons:

  • Repairing the Hubble in a pool, using scuba (scuba gear and training supplied)

  • Design, build and launch bottle rockets

  • Design, build and test heat shields

  • Design and create mission patches

  • Teach Maths using air traffic control problems

  • Living in Space experience

  • Design, build and test landing modules

  • Simulate communication in space

  • Investigate toys in micro gravity

  • Learn about micro gravity

Have fun with Maths, Science and Technology and develop contacts with like-minded teachers! Lessons delivered by experienced teachers involved with Bennies Space Camp and Space Camp in the USA.






2012 Sponsorship

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