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College Calendar

St Benedict's Calendar

Below are two versions of the calendar. On the first tab is an interactive Google calendar that we are currently populating. While we complete this activity, we have left the Calendar document available on the second tab.

Term 1, 2017

 18 Jan - 12 Apr
Mid-Term: 24 Feb - 27 Feb

Term 2, 2017

3 May - 4 Aug
Mid-Term: 24 Jun - 2 Jul

Term 3, 2017

 5 Sep - 6 Dec
Mid-Term: 20 Oct - 23 Oct

Public Holidays

Mon, 20 March - School Holiday

Tue, 21 Mar (Human Rights Day) 
Fri, 14 Apr (Good Friday)
Mon, 17 Apr (Family Day)
Mon, 1 May (Workers Day)
Fri, 16 Jun (Youth Day)
Sun, 24 Sep (Heritage Day)
Mon, 25 Sep (Public Holiday)

Download Calendar for 2017

Please see below calendar of events at St Benedict's College. If you click on the down arrow next to Agenda (top right of the calendar), a list of all the available calendars will be displayed. You can then activate or deactivate the calendars you want to or don't want to see by checking or unchecking the box next to the calendar name.

You are also able to click on any particular event to add it to your calendar.

Please see below calendar of events in St Benedict's College. To scale the document to fit your screen, adjust the zoom percentage by clicking on the icon showing 100% below the document title. Please note that this is a live document that is regularly updated. Please check regularly online to ensure you have the latest dates.