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Junior Preparatory School News and Events
This section of the site contains news items and details on events. Click on the relevant category in the right pane to access the items you are interested in. These will then be listed below, sorted in reverse order by date.
Jul18Newsletter 21 July 2017
Published: 18/07/2017

This week each Grade took part in a charity drive to help those in need as part of our 67 minutes ...
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Jul05Newsletter 7 July 2017
Published: 05/07/2017

To see the joy of a child who runs to hug his mom or dad after a busy and exciting day ........
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Jun11Newsletter 15 June 2017
Published: 11/06/2017

Over 17 000 runners participated in this year’s Comrades Ultra Marathon.....
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Jun06Executive Headmaster's Newsletter
Published: 06/06/2017

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May29Newsletter 2 June 2017
Published: 29/05/2017

One of the most important skills that you can develop in a child is the ability to think ......
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May17Newsletter 19 May 2017
Published: 17/05/2017

Today, all staff and  boys as well as parents and alumni came together to celebrate Founder’s Day. ...
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May03Newsletter 5 May 2017
Published: 03/05/2017

We warmly welcome back our boys and their families as we commence the Winter term.....
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Apr13Preparatory Sports Brochure for Term 2 2017
Published: 13/04/2017

Preparatory Sports Brochure for Term 2 2017
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Apr13 Sports Planner for the week 29 April - 07 May 2017
Published: 13/04/2017

  Sports Planner for the week 29 April - 07 May 2017
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Apr09Newsletter 12 April 2017
Published: 09/04/2017

School traditions are such a powerful way to help our  boys, their families and staff feel a sense...
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