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The General overriding Point of Departure is that the approach to Assessment is one of Continuous Assessment. This implies that the term’s assessment comprises of both class work and formal testing in the form of class tests or cycle tests. Mid-year and end of year exams are also written in selected subjects. The term class work, by implication includes activities done in class, activities started in class and completed for homework, presentations, projects, speeches and group work activities.

It is the role of the teacher to assess the work completed and to accurately record the quantifiable result as well as a careful assessment of competency of skills according to the four-point scale (grade 4-6) and the 7 point scale (Gr. 7).

Assessment is conducted in different forms. Within the classroom context, these include summative, self, group and teacher. Formal assessment also takes place in the form of class tests, weekly cycle tests and exams. The final term mark is based on combination of class work and formal testing. The assessment weighting used to compile the promotion mark occurs on a sliding scale. Class work activities carry a greater weighting in Grade 4 and formal assessment carries a greater weighting in Grade 7.

Cycle tests are written on a weekly basis with informal testing occurring as set aside by the teacher and subject requirements.