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MIC: Mr R Vas

Coach's Report

Golf at St Benedict’s is considered a secondary sport which is only participated in the summer (term 1 and term 3). Golf is offered to grade’s 4-7 in the preparatory school, with a total number of thirty two boys participating in this specialised sport at Bennies.

Golf has become a very competitive sport , with structured league set up with a number of private schools around Gauteng competing. Fixtures are held once a week at a number of different golf courses which allows the boys to play in various conditions as they gain some valuable experience.

A highlight of the year is certainly the golf tour in the August holiday which is available to all St Benedict’s golfers. It is a great experience for all the boys to play in “foreign” conditions outside Gauteng.

We look forward to a successful and joyful term three.

Yours in Golf

Bobbie Vas

Golf Scenes

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Golf Information for 2014