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Welcome to St Benedict's

Andre Oosthuysen

Executive Headmaster

Welcome to St Benedict’s and thank you for your interest in our school. 

We are a Boys’ School 

Co-education is based on that laudable theme of equality between the sexes. Educational research clearly suggests, however, that boys and girls learn in different ways because a boy’s brain is very different to a girl's. One size, therefore, cannot and does not fit all and a co-ed school does not work for every child.  I would like to encourage you to choose a boys’ school for your son. In a boys’ school, he will have the freedom to be himself. Boys thrive in a single sex academic setting for many reasons: with no girls to 'impress', boys can get on with being themselves and male stereotypes dictated by society fall away; conformity gives way to individuality. A boy’s school will provide your sons with an opportunity to develop their own unique characters in an environment which is designed and geared to encourage their strengths and support their weaknesses. Teachers in a boys' school can teach effectively in ways which reach boys and appeal to their unique learning style.

We are a Catholic School

St Benedict’s is a Catholic school that provides a strong values-based education. The attitudes and values we teach may be “old-fashioned or conservative” for some and we are not always “politically-correct” because we do not  yield to the pressures of social trends. 

As a Catholic school we are founded on a Christian anthropology, imbued with a Catholic worldview and inspired by a supernatural vision. We are animated by communion and community and place a high regard on collaboration and the building of rich, meaningful personal relationships. As we encourage our boys to search for wisdom and truth, we encourage them to maintain a positive view of life. 

Christian formation through the fostering of gospel values is one of our fundamental purposes. We achieve this by providing our boys with a safe and nurturing emotional and spiritual environment. We align our vision through a number of school specific frameworks and programmes, including Habits of Heart and Mind and the Beatitudes.

We aim to provide an Holistic Education

St Benedict’s is a modern, innovative and success-orientated school. We believe in a holistic education and value academic achievement and participation in sport, culture and the spiritual life of the College. 
Academically, our boys perform well-above average in line with our long and proud academic tradition. The last time we had a matric failure was in 1974 and one of the highlights of each year is our outstanding matric results. In recent years we have maintained University Entrance Rates in excess of 95%, have produced over 200 distinctions annually and our boys are regularly listed amongst the top achievers of the Independent Examinations Board. Our Maths, Science and IT results are amongst the best in the country.  These achievements are due not only to a stable, committed and hard-working staff but also due to our school-specific ACTIVE curriculum, to the rigorous academic standards we set and the demands we place on boys. Staff are able to offer more individual attention. With a maximum of 26 boys in a class – teaching usually occurs in groups that are small and boys are encouraged to be participants rather than spectators.  Boys learn how to think quickly, and gain valuable experience sharing their thoughts and opinions. Even our weaker candidates find themselves extremely well-prepared for tertiary education and have abundant choices when they leave school .
At St Benedict’s, participation in sport is highly valued. We have excellent facilities and top coaches. We are one of a few schools internationally where sport is integrated into the school day. In summer we offer Basketball, Cricket, Rowing, Swimming, Tennis and Waterpolo.  In winter, Rugby and Hockey.  In addition, boys may participate in Athletics, Golf, Soccer and Squash.
Our rich sporting programme is complemented by a busy and varied cultural calendar. We also have a wide range of cultural activities in which boys can participate: Chess, Drama,  Debating, Public Speaking being the most popular. We are also very proud of our Music Department and a large percentage of our boys receiving individual music tuition.
St Benedict’s is a school focused on excellence! It is a school where each boy is encouraged to perform to his full potential in the classroom and on the sportsfield and the cultural realm. 

St Benedict’s is a school where your son - with all of his talents and quirks - can flourish.