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Matric Results 2017

2018/01/03 12:00:00 AM

The Class of 2017 have produced some pleasing results in the 2017 National Senior Certificate Examin... 

The Class of 2017 have produced some pleasing results in the 2017 National Senior Certificate Examinations (NSC) of the Independent Examinations Board. This group of young men have worked valiantly throughout their high school careers and these results are a reflection of their commitment to their studies. The boys have excelled not only academically but on the sports field and in the cultural sphere. We, as a school, commend them on their achievements as they walk confidently into the future.

One hundred and eighteen boys sat the NSC examination.


  • 100% Matric pass rate for the 43rd consecutive year

  • 96.6% University Entrance (Bachelor Degree) passes

  • 3.4% Diploma Entrance passes

  • 100% of boys qualified for tertiary studies

  • 11 subjects exceeded IEB national subject averages

  • 12 subjects attained overall averages of 70% or more

  • IT average of 87% with 16 distinctions from 20 boys

  • Maths average of 74.67% with 33 distinctions from 91 boys

  • Science average of 69.71% with 16 distinctions from 69 boys

  • 22 boys obtained overall Distinction Averages (+80%)

  • 42 boys achieve "B" averages (+70%)

  • 47 boys achieve "C" averages (+60%)

  • 118 matriculants produce 206 distinctions

  • Distinction ratio of 1.75 distinctions per matriculant

  • Jason Teixeira made it onto the IEB Commendable Achievers list (achieved within the top 5% of learners in 5 subjects and scored 80% or more for Life Orientation)

  • 2 candidates obtained 8 distinctions:

Jason Teixeira – 92% average (including 99% for Core Maths, 98% for AP maths and 97% for Science)

Alexander Francis – 85.6% average

  • 3 candidates obtained 7 distinctions:

Diego Alves 86.1% average
Gianfranco Cantinella 86.1% average
Liam McGregor 85.9% average

In addition:

  • 5 candidates obtained 6 distinctions:

 Pedro Nogueira
 Luke Nicholas
 Kyle Grimsley
 Daniel Ouma
 Roberto Coelho

  • 4 candidates obtained 5 distinctions:

         Matthew Loo
         Ritvik Menon
         Malibongwe Hlatshwayo
         Devon Breet

  • 12 candidates obtained 4 distinctions

  • 6 candidates obtained 3 distinctions and

  • A further 41 boys obtained 1 or 2 distinctions


We take this opportunity to thank God for the talents and abilities He has bestowed on our boys and congratulate them, their teachers and their parents on these pleasing results. Results of this nature can only be achieved through a collaborative effort from all involved. All 118 candidates are able to continue with tertiary studies which is largely due to the efforts of our dedicated, professional and highly trained staff; the loving support of our parents and our belief in a holistic education.

We take this opportunity to wish the Class of 2017 the very best in their future endeavours.

For a detailed overview of our results, please click here.

D Jeffrey                                                                  A C Oosthuysen
College Headmaster                                                Executive Headmaster                           



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