2022 Textbook and Stationery Lists

The 2022 Preparatory School and College Textbook and Stationery Lists are available for download. Please note that you require a pdf reader in order to open these documents. Here is the link to download Adobe Reader.


School Fees at St Benedict's

St Benedict's is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No:930 007 117) and receives no subsidy from the state. All costs of running the school are covered by the school fees. Our aim is to provide boys with a high quality education that is comparable with South Africa's most affluent and exclusive schools, while at the same time being accessible to as wide a range of parents as possible.

School Fee Structure 2022

Three payment options are offered to parents.

  • Option A - Lump sum payment in advance by the second Friday of November in the preceding school year;
  • Option B - Lump sum payment in advance by the third Friday in January of the current school year; and
  • Option C - 11 equal monthly instalments from January to November.


  • Account Name: St Benedict's Trust
  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Account No: 55275101604
  • Branch: Eastgate (257705)


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Non-refundable Enrolment Fee
An offer of a place for a Child at the School is accepted by you signing this contract and paying the non-refundable enrolment fee. The non-refundable enrolment fee is as follows:

  • Gr 00:  R 5 000
  • Gr R - 3:  R 15 000
  • Gr 4 - 7:   R 12 500
  • Gr 8 - 12: R 10 000

The non-refundable enrolment fee will form part of the general funds of the School.

Parents who enrolled their son at the School prior to 2017, will have paid a deposit. The School will be entitled to treat the interest generated from such deposit as income. The deposit will be refunded to parents, without interest, on their Child leaving or, at the School's discretion, credited to the Parent, without interest, for the final payment of the fees or other sums lawfully due by the Parent to the School, on the Child leaving.

Family Discounts
We will continue to offer Family Discounts for brothers at St Benedict's and sisters at Holy Rosary School and Assumption Convent.

  • One child: Full fees
  • Two children: 5% discount on total fees
  • Three children: 10% discount on total fees

The discount applies to tuition fees only and is not applicable to scholarship candidates (20% and above) or candidates on bursaries.

IEB Examination Fees

Gr 12‘s will be billed separately for the external IEB examination fees. 2022 IEB Fees will be R 7 659 per candidate.

School Tours and Excursions
Additional charges are levied in respect of School Tours and excursions.  This includes the costs of all sports tours and sports training camps.  No charge is made, however, for the conveyance of pupils to or from normal sports activities.

Raven’s Sports Centre 
No charge is levied in respect of boys making use of the Raven's Sports Centre. Boys must however be 14 years or older before being allowed use of this facility.

After-School Centre

The After-School Centre operates from the close of school each day until 17:30, catering for pupils up to G7. A light lunch is provided. A schedule of fees and charges is available from Reception. Charges are payable to the Accounts Office only. Aftercare fee for 2021TBA per month (billed over 10 months) or TBA annually. The Aftercare Centre will continue to operate during midterms and April school holidays at no additional costs. It will, however, be closed for the August and December holidays. A holiday club will operate during the August holidays at an additional cost.

Other Levies
Charges are levied in respect of boys electing to join the St Benedict's Rowing Section, the St Benedict’s Pipe Band and the St Benedict’s Cub and Scout Groups.

Text Books 
Text books are issued on loan to pupils from Grade 00 to Grade 3.  Pupils from G4 to G12 are required to purchase their own books.

All Grade 4 to Grade 12 pupils are required to provide their own stationery and equipment as per the list supplied by the school.  In Grade 00 to Grade 3 parents purchase stationery packs prepared by the school.

Financial Assistance
As has always been the case at St Benedict's, the Board of Governors makes financial provision to grant bursaries to assist parents experiencing temporary financial difficulties. Such bursaries are never awarded at the point of initial enrolment and are also not considered when an account is in arrears. Parents applying for such assistance will be required to prove their need by submitting financial proof thereof, this includes payslips and SARS Income Tax Returns. The said bursaries are designed as an interim relief measure and should not be viewed as a permanent reduction in fees. Bursaries are awarded on an annual basis and parents are required to re-apply for assistance each year.

In terms of the agreement signed by parents/guardians at the time of their son's enrolment, a full term's notice in writing is required if it is their intention to remove their son from the school or boarding house.  (Alternatively a full term's fees and levy in lieu of notice is required.)   Adequate notice is appreciated as it allows for timeous arrangements to be made for the reallocation of places at the school and boarding house.