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Updated: 06-Aug-2015

Gr 8 Scholarship Policy

School Fee Policy
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

To provide information regarding the policies and practices about School Fees

Senior Boys Vehicle Policy
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Policy governing the use of vehicles on school grounds by boys.

Sexuality Education Policy
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

To affirm the approach to the teaching and guidance of sexuality in the Catholic school context.

Sponsorship Agreement - Template
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Template for sponsorship agreement.

Sport Recognition and Awards Policy
Updated: 28-Jul-2021

Guiding principles applicable to this particular section of our awards and recognition policy.

Sports, Colours and Awards Policy - College
Updated: 14-Feb-2020

St Benedict's College Sport and Colours Policy.

St Benedict's Anti-Homophobia Policy
Updated: 29-Jul-2020

All boys - irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity - are not judged or persecuted, but kept safe.

Staff Accommodation and Housing
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Provisions and practices in relation to accommodation provided to staff.

Staff Appraisal and Development Policy
Updated: 08-Sep-2015

Staff Appraisal and Development Policy

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