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Academic Assessment Policy
Updated: 14-Feb-2020

To present the rationale and general philosophy of assessment in the Prep School.

Academic Colours
Updated: 28-Jul-2021

Academic colours are awarded to boys in recognition of hard work and achievements

Aftercare Policy
Updated: 06-Aug-2015

Aftercare Policy

Awards Criteria for Culture - Preparatory
Updated: 28-Jul-2021

Cultural Awards are based predominantly on the individual achievement and commitment of a pupil.

Cell Phone and Device Policy
Updated: 14-Oct-2020

Boys are discouraged to bring cell phones or other devices to school.

Consolidated Awards and Recognition Policy
Updated: 28-Jul-2021

Preparatory School Consolidated Awards and Recognition Policy.

Excursions, Camps and Tours - Prep School
Updated: 14-Feb-2020

Preparatory excursions, tours and camps

Guidelines for Parents - Technology at St Benedicts Prep
Updated: 27-Oct-2016

Technology is recognised as a very necessary and useful tool in the learning process..

Handwriting and Presentation Policy
Updated: 08-Oct-2015

The ability to write in a legible is paramount for written communication to be effective.

Homework Policy - Preparatory
Updated: 03-Apr-2020

Homework serves to develop regular study skills

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