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Camp Policy - Staff Requirements
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Policy for staff requirements when camping with the boys.

Conditions of Service - Support, Auxiliary & Administrative Staff
Updated: 20-Jan-2020

Conditions of service support, auxiliary and administrative staff.

Conditions of Service & Codes of Conduct for Fulltime Academic and Sport Staff
Updated: 20-Jan-2020

Conditions of service and codes of conduct for full-time academic and sport staff.

Day-to-day Procedures for College Staff
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Outlining day-to-day procedures for College staff.

Digital Device Policy
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Guidelines for the issuance and usage of school-owned digital devices.

Employee Acceptable User Policy
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Employees' acceptable use of computer facilities, e-mail and Internet access.

Guidelines on the Receipt of Gifts
Updated: 08-Sep-2015

Staff guidelines for the receipt of gifts to maintain high standard of professionalism.

Internship Policy
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

The internship programme provides work experience and opportunity to practice skills.

Recruitment and Selection Policy
Updated: 18-Jul-2016

To ensure recruitment is effected in an efficient and structured manner.

Social Media Guidelines
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

To provide clear guidelines regarding social media.

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