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Anti Racism and Discrimination
Updated: 12-Mar-2020

Policy on racism, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Anti-bullying Policy - Junior Preparatory
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

To ensure staff work together to act against bullying.

Child Safeguarding
Updated: 14-Feb-2020

Guidelines to establish the principles to keep children safe.

College Anti-Bullying Policy
Updated: 20-Oct-2020

Bullying is anti-social behaviour and will not be tolerated.

College Drug Policy
Updated: 10-Feb-2021

Guidelines for dealing with drug abuse..

Combating Stigma and Maintaining Good Mental Health during COVID-19
Updated: 16-Jul-2020

Guidelines for Combating Stigma and Maintaining Good Mental Health during COVID-19.

Community Service Policy
Updated: 15-Feb-2021

Guidelines on how to do community service.

Counselling Department Protocol during Covid 19
Updated: 17-Jun-2020

Protocol for Counselling during Covid 19.

Dealing with Grief
Updated: 02-Dec-2020

This policy provide guidelines for dealing with grief at St Benedict's.

Diversity and Transformation
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Diversity at St Benedict's refers to a wide range of differences between people.

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