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Governance at St Benedict's
Updated: 05-Aug-2015

Governance at St Benedict's.

Grievance Policy
Updated: 25-Oct-2016

Grievance procedures to be followed by staff, parents and boys.

Grievance Policy - Parents Form
Updated: 25-Oct-2016

Parents' grievance form.

Grievance Policy - Pupils Form
Updated: 25-Oct-2016

St Benedict's pupils' grievance form.

Grievance Policy - SBC Staff Form
Updated: 25-Oct-2016

St Benedict's staff grievance form.

Guidelines for Parents - Technology at St Benedicts Prep
Updated: 27-Oct-2016

Technology is recognised as a very necessary and useful tool in the learning process..

Guidelines on the Receipt of Gifts
Updated: 08-Sep-2015

Staff guidelines for the receipt of gifts to maintain high standard of professionalism.

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