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Counselling Department Protocol during Covid 19
Updated: 17-Jun-2020

Protocol for Counselling during Covid 19.

Parents' Code of Conduct
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

To promote a school environment based on respect for the rights of pupils, teachers and parents.

Parents Social Media Guidelines
Updated: 26-Mar-2021

To provide clear guidelines regarding social media for parents.

Plagiarism and Referencing Policy
Updated: 19-Aug-2015

Guidelines on what is plagiarism and how to reference.

Policy for a Smoke Free School
Updated: 18-Jul-2016

Smoking is prohibited at all St Benedict's campuses.

Policy on policies
Updated: 06-Aug-2015

Policy on policies

Portfolio Policy
Updated: 18-Aug-2015

A portfolio is a purposeful collection of a pupil's work.

Preparatory School Bullying Policy
Updated: 01-Jun-2020

To ensure everyone works together to act against bullying.

Procedures for iPad Usage
Updated: 31-Aug-2015

Procedure for withdrawing the school iPads for use at home or in the classroom.

Process for dealing with Pupil Leavers
Updated: 06-Aug-2015

Process for dealing with pupils leaving.

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