Wellness in St Benedict's

I appreciate the value of interconnectedness between the different levels of operation and engagement in our school as I catch up with boys, parents and staff members who walk through my door. The consequence of this interconnectedness is observed in the boys' happiness levels. Our wellness philosophy of self-actualization infuses our thinking and guides us when making strategic decisions for wellness and advancement at St Benedict’s.

Dr Oerson, Head of Community Advancement and Wellness

Counselling at St Benedict’s

Counselling at St Benedict’s afford the boys, parents and staff the service of personal- and career-focused support. Students and parents receive support and guidance to make an informed and healthy transition from the world of school towards the world or work, further education and beyond.

Counselling structures

We consider guidance as a continuous developmental process, already incubated during the Junior Preparatory phase (developmental counselling) leading up to the College years. College students are introduced to the supporting structures at an introductory camp at the start of each year when entering the College in Gr 8. Counselling and guidance is offered


Wellness Facilitator

Counselling is facilitated by the Wellness Facilitator.

  • Dr T. Lennox (BA, PGCE, (Hons) B Ed Psych, MEd (Psychology of Education), D. Emed, PHD)
  • 011 455 1906
  • LennoxT@stbenedicts.co.za