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The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a collapse of global economies. Many businesses have had to shut their doors during the lockdown thus suffering losses in income. Parents and old boys within our Bennies community have not been left unaffected. This calls for the Bennies community, which believes in our motto of Veritas in Caritate -Truth in Charity, to pull together like we have never done before to ensure that our neighbour is supported through this turbulent time. St Benedict’s has launched an initiative to provide the community the means to uplift and strengthen our network.


  1. Use their services/products
  2. Encourage others to support these businesses
  3. Share the ads and posts on social media using the hashtags #supportbenniesbiz #sbcb
  4. Ask others to also share using the hashtag #supportbenniesbiz #sbcb
  5. Talk about these businesses
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This directory is an initiative from St Benedict's to support Parents and Old Boys in business within our Bennies community.

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