General Information

Worlds Most Technically Advanced MouthGuard

You can now purchase a Bennies branded mouthguard from Opro Power-Fit for only R599.

Power-Fit MouthGuard


The Power-Fit Mouthguard offers a unique personalised fit which can be easily moulded by the wearer. A dental warranty is also offered to all wearers of the Opro Self-Fit mouthguard. For more information visit

How To Purchase A MouthGuard

Purchase your son’s mouthguard directly from St Benedict’s for only R599. Pay online using “Opro Self-Fit mouthguard” as the description.

Send Your Proof Of Payment

You will receive a proof of payment after paying online. Please forward that to Dave Lincoln at Collect your mouthguard from the Sports Office secretary, Natasha De Amorim-Leith, once payment has been made.”