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Terry’s Succulents

Terry's Succulents is a homegrown local business born out of love and passion for both plants and for bringing a new fresh approach to home decoration. Our main product is of course the star Succulents and we try to showcase the different ways and methods in which to display them, grow them and bring some long-lasting freshness to your homes.

Our range of products include wreaths made to order and made to each specific seasonal times and special events. Further to this we have several sizes of pot plants with many types of succulents for each person's preference. Succulents are easy to look after, long-lasting plants which enjoy minimal water and sun and will continue to flourish and grow with the correct care.

It is the perfect long-lasting gift for friends and family. Show your love throughout the year with our range of products starting from as little as R50.00 going up to R150.00


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