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Academic Departments

Academic Page Introduction

One of the College’s main goals is to ensure the sound and successful academic journey your son takes. At Grade 8 level, there are no subject choices and your son is required to take the subjects as stipulated by the Department of Education. These include English Home Language; Afrikaans First Additional Language; Mathematics; Life Orientation; Natural Sciences (comprised of Physical Science and Life Sciences); Social Sciences (comprised of Geography and History); Economic and Management Sciences (comprised of Accounting and Economic Studies); Technology (computer studies) and Creative Arts (comprised of Dramatic Arts; Music and Visual Arts). In your son’s Grade 9 year; he will be required to choose subjects for Grades 10 through 12. The compulsory subjects are: English Home Language; Afrikaans First Additional Language; Mathematics and Life Orientation. The subjects he can select are: Accounting; Business Studies; Dramatic Arts; Geography; History; Information Technology; Life Sciences; Music; Physical Sciences and Visual Arts. The academic pages are designed to assist you, as parents, and your son to make the correct choice in terms of subjects for his academic future at the College and ensure that he takes subjects that assist in tertiary studies as well.

These academic pages also offer you, as parents, a means to familiarise yourself with the subjects taught at the College; the departmental staff of each subject and the necessary stationery and textbook requirements for each subject as well as any exciting initiatives and outings.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact the Subject Head listed in the staff tab.


Business Studies
Dramatic Arts
Advanced Program English
Information Technology
Life Orientation
Life Science
Mathematical Literacy
Physical Science
Visual Art