St Benedict's Boarding Information for Parents


Boarding Information for Parents

Here are questions that we are commonly asked about boarding at St Benedict's. If there is anything you would like to know that isn't covered, please contact our housemaster Mr Toby Craig at

Boarding Information

Weekly Boarding

Boys leave the house on the Friday by 6pm. Exceptions are made for compulsory school activities on the Friday evening and Saturday morning. The boys have the option of returning to school either on the Sunday between 5pm-8pm or on the Monday morning before school. Boys are expected to leave and return in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM. Boys are expected to sign out in a register when they leave the property.

Before the boys can go on “leave out”, with other family or friends, the Housemaster must have parent’s permission in writing. A telephone call is not sufficient. If there are any delays in the boys return, please let the staff know.

Security and Valuables

Community living dictates that sensible security measures should be applied. We recommend that you note details of all valuable items and insure the items where appropriate. The hostel insurance policy does not cover your property. Each boy will be provided with a locker but must provide his own padlock. A lockable metal trunk is required and all possessions must be clearly marked.


There is a computer room for homework and research. Matric boys are allowed to have their own PC or laptop in their rooms. Only Computer Studies students in Grades 10 & 11 will also be allowed to bring PCs to the house. NO PSP’s are permitted.


Boys are allowed to have cellphones in the house, but these are strictly for use during their free time and in a private place. They must be switched off during prep, assemblies, meals and after lights out. These phones are their responsibility and the hostel will not be held liable for any loss or damage. Abuse of this privilege will result in sanctions.

Vending Machine

There is a vending machine in the boarding house. You are encouraged to limit the amount of spending money your son is given.

Motor Vehicles

Boarders are only allowed to have cars in school with permission from the Housemaster. Car keys will be kept by the Housemaster. Lifts in cars driven by other scholars are NOT allowed unless permission has been given by you in writing to the Housemaster.


A Registered Nurse, Sister Sandy Kohler, is available each morning between 6:30am – 8:30am. Please ensure that you communicate any health concerns directly to her on 082 455 5227.


Laundry will not be done at the boarding house. A private company has been awarded the contract to service the boarding house and the cost of the laundry will be for the parents’ account. Twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday), clothes will be collected from the Boarding House for washing and then returned to the house within two days. It is essential that all clothes have nametapes sewn on to them.


School uniform (Summer & Winter), PE kit and Boarders’ kit is the only clothing allowed in boys' lockers. Bishop Grandin House boarding kit can be purchased at Edendale Outfitters, Edenvale.


Please download and complete the applicable leave form. Termly boarder, required for termly boarders to exit the boarding house. Weekly boarder, required for weekly boarders to remain in the boarding house over the course of a weekend. Casual leave, boys taking extended afternoon leave and/or making use of public transport.

Bishop Grandin House

  • Mr Toby Craig - Housemaster
  • Frank Masiya - Catering Manager
  • Mrs Sandy Kohler - Nursing Sister
  • Mr Sam Mathye (Grade 6 & 7)
  • Mr Zweli Ntombela (Grade 8)
  • Mr Malcolm Chadwick (Grade 9)
  • Mr Darryn Roff (Grade 10)
  • Mr Storme Burger (Grade 11)
  • Mr Lee Cothill (Grade 12)