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Chess at St Benedict's College


Chess at St Benedict’s College has grown in the last year as a result of the passionate coaching from Mr De Reuck and the addition of the large Chess Board in the Quad and at the Hostel. The College chess team participates in the A league of the Southern Gauteng School’s Chess league . Along with our Coach, the chess team is captained by a matric student voted to perform the task of communicating to the boys, tutoring and providing lessons, organising teams and announcing results and fixtures.

The Chess team consists of boys throughout the College and many have come through from grade 8 and grade 9, playing for the College for the entirety of their College lives. We also have many junior players currently in Grade 8 and 9 who will ensure that the continuation of chess at St Benedict’s. Chess has grown considerably at the College. Two years previously, the team acquired chess clocks that help inspire many of the team members to act with precision and a degree of professionalism that will guaranty us the edge over other schools. We have had a successful year in attaining a 75% win rate that has sparked much joy and inspiration in the college who wait eagerly for the results to be announced. We have two practices per week: one on a Monday afternoon and one on a Thursday afternoon and each serves a specific need. The Monday practice is a general practice and the focal point is the maintenance of the “Chess Ladder”. Thursday practice is where new players are trained and the chess coach and captain instructs players how to play this very interesting game and to help any team members improve his game. The focus is on the broader perspective of chess and to encourage out-the-box thinking, strategy and adaptability to situations rather than the conventional strict and rigid structure of teaching Chess.

Should you have any further enquiries about Chess, please contact Mr Brouard at brouardj@stbenedicts.co.za
Chess Scenes

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