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Marimba Band and Steelpan festival

International Marimba And Steelpan Fesitval 2013


What is the Education Africa International Marimba and Steelpan Festival?

Some Background on the Festival

Over the past few years, Education Africa has arranged a number of International Arts & Culture Tours to provide disadvantaged learners with the opportunity to travel abroad and perform in front of a global audience.These young marimba players have wowed audiences in London, Vienna and New York whilst having had the opportunity to experience different cultures, countries and languages. Many have described such trips as "an opportunity of a lifetime".
For many of the learners who have attended such a tour, it has been the first time that they have ever been outside their home town let alone an aeroplane! Unfortunately, the communities that would most benefit from an extra-mural marimba programme seldom get the opportunity to get involved due to:

1. A lack of funds to purchase instruments and equipment.
2. A lack of training.

Education Africa is involved in opening marimba hubs around South Africa because it sees the incredible educational value that marimba playing offers to children who are involved in this learning process.

When is the Festival?

3/4 August 2013 at St Benedict's College in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

There are various categories in which to enter, click the below links if you wish to enter a specific category:
Composition Competition
Art Competition
Photographic Competition

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