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In the College’s endeavour to mould unique and well-rounded boys, the Cultural Cornerstone provides opportunities for boys to be creative, explore their identity and the world around them.
Cultural Literacy has been proven to develop an individual’s identity formation and number of life skills:
Oral Communication
Critical thinking
Team work
Abstract envisioning

Through these, boys become develop Cognitive, Physical, Socio-Cultural, Spiritual, Emotional, Aesthetic and Political aspects of themselves thus ensuring that they are capable of interacting in a diverse country and world.

The following activities are offered:
Chess: Inter-school competitions
Drama: One-Act Plays, various Festivals and annual Major Production
Music: Choir, Marimba Band, Rock Band, Festivals
Oratory: A variety of Debating and Public Speaking
Pipe Band: The only boys’ school to have its own Band; National and International Gatherings
Photographic Club: A variety of competitions