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4 August 2017

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From the Head's Desk


The importance of rest

As we reach the end of the second term, it is important for us to take stock of the year thus far. We have come through a relatively difficult winter sports season that was both physically and emotionally draining.  This was followed by two or three weeks of exams; depending on the grade, which has given the staff and you, the parents, an opportunity to gauge how your boys are performing at this stage. Having released the reports and having had the parents’ evening this side of August will allow the parents to put structures in place to ensure that remedial action can be taken over the holiday if need be.

Having said that, the holidays can't be all work and no play. In today's times we live in an excited yet hurried world where we focus on the immediate and crave for instant gratification. As a race, sometimes we focus too much on the outcome without taking the time to address the basics. Right from the moment we were born, we are taught how to crawl before we learn to walk before we learn to run. Without this process, who knows where we would be today. With this in mind, the continual assessment that is carried out during the course of the year coupled with the formal mid-year exam process all form part of the basic preparation for the final exam that is to be written at the end of grade 12. I am not sure if our current grade 12s are aware of the fact that they have completed their second last exam session at secondary education level and all the foundation work has been laid for the finals. 

In some of my discussions with the boys who haven't achieved the results that they desire or of which they are capable, I often refer them to the basics: understanding the meta-language within a subject is central to good results. This holiday must be used to harness the skills that will stand the boys in good stead for the final exams at the end of the year. We also need to educate our boys on leading a balanced life (bearing in mind my previous sentiment regarding the holidays as not being all work and no play). The words of philosopher William James echo this sentiment. It was in 1899 in which he said that many business people treat stress and overwork as a badge of honour, and will brag about how little they sleep and how few holidays they take. Holidays are vital in order to give the body time to replenish itself. Rest is work’s partner that, when correctly understood, it will improve one's output exponentially and the quality of our lives will take on a far more balanced outlook.

Just like work, holidays need to be planned. While the days may not be as structured as one would manage one's diary for school or work, thought certainly needs to go into planning your holidays. Four factors need to be considered when planning your rest or road to recovery: relaxation, control, mastery-experiences, and mental detachment from work. If one is able to balance these four skills then one will speed up the recovery process and return to school or work feeling far more rejuvenated.

Relaxation is an activity that is pleasant and undemanding. Control is choosing what you will do on vacation, being part of the crew driving the vacation as opposed to being a passenger watching everything pass you by. Mastery-experiences are engaging, interesting and require effort. They are often challenging, mentally absorbing and so are more rewarding when you do them well. Therefore holidays are an opportunity to do some of the things that you would love to do but don't seem to find the time to do it during the term. 

Have an amazing, relaxed holiday and we look forward to seeing you all fresh and raring to go in September.




We have reached the end of another busy term. The holidays are here and have set us free from our daily routines and provide us with some much needed rest. When it comes to our spiritual lives, holiday time can be a time of spiritual decline, a time when we fall off our spiritual path..read more


Click here to view the Mass schedule for this month.



All boys at St Benedict’s are encouraged and expected to be involved in some form of Community Service and Outreach initiative. The school makes every effort to develop and instill a value of serving others in each of our boy’s hearts.

As members of a Catholic community we have a responsibility to come to the aid of our neighbour. Giving alms to the poor is a witness to fraternal charity: it is also a work of justice pleasing to God... read more.



Please click on the link below to download the final NSC timetable for 2017.

Download here


Congratulations to Jason Teixeira for making the top 100 senior learners in the country in the National Mathematics Olympiad competition. This qualified him to write the third round of this competition.

Jason and Hua Shi were also selected to represent the Gauteng team in the SA Maths Olympiad Challenge early next term.

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement.


Dear Grade 9 Parents,

Please click on the below link to submit the Preliminary Subject Choices for your son by no later than the 29th September 2017.


Please note that the final subject choice deadline is 13 October 2017.


The Grade 9 IT workshop will take place on the first weekend of the third term on Friday, 8 September and Saturday, 9 September. If you have already registered for the camp, you do not need to do so again. Alternatively, please use the link bit.ly/G9ITCamp to register.

Click here to view the letter.



The monthly planners are now being uploaded. click here to view.



1st Team VS Staff

On Tuesday the 1st of August 2017, the SBC Squash 1st team took on the staff members who thought they stood a chance (against the team that had not lost a single match against boy’s schools). The staff team was made up of The Injured Knee (Mr Craig), “I’ve injured my glute” (Mr Evans), Danger Dave (Mr Edwards), The Bus Stalling King (Mr Kubeka) and The Skull Crusher (Mr Rautenbach). 

The SBC Squash team was represented by our very own Squash Dominator (Bailey Brooke), Salmon (Chade Dyason), Dex (Declan Carolin) and Megamind (Jacob Groenewald).

Bailey and Declan took on Mr Craig and Mr Evans  in riveting matches, where Bailey and Declan decided it was not fair to cause more injury. “The Injured” came out on top with very close scores. Despite his nickname, Mr Edwards (Danger Dave) captured a victory from the snares of Chade in a challenging match where Chade eventually had to introduce the “Mun” to squash. Jacob was the 1st Team champion of the day, bringing home two wins against Mr Kubeka and Mr Rautenbach, both matches allowed Jacob to play more mental squash than anything else, although he did spend an awful amount of time falling over.

Article written by "Dex"


In June our air pistol club competed at the 2017 SANDF championships. For some this was their first major competition and they did a wonderful jhob of representing our school. Congratulations to Claudio Surmon who shot 550/600, equaling the SA junior National record.


August holidays Swimming and Polo training clinic open to all Preparatory, College swimmers and polo players. 

All are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible. Compulsory for all team swimmers and polo players unless you are away. 

7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31 August 10:00 - 13:00 daily at the indoor pool.

Swimming / polo fitness with Coach Andrei 10:00 - 11:30 Polo skill with various coaches 11:45 - 13:00

Please direct any questions or confirmations of attendance to David Upman:  upmand@stbenedicts.co.za


Winter Cricket Skills Training Camp

The cricket section in the College have started their out-of-season training programme and are practising as follows

On Tuesdays, the Seniors train from  15:15 - 17:00
On Thursdays, the Juniors train from 15:15 - 17:00

There will be one afternoon of training each week for both of the above groups until the end of the second term in August.

If any boy would like a more hands on approach on an individual one on one basis, then you are encouraged to sign up for individual Private Coaching. Details are below.

Please can you register your name with Mr Craig Norris (MIC Cricket in the College): norrisc@stbenedicts.co.za

Private Cricket Coaching

Parents can also sign their son up for individual private cricket coaching by completing the on-line application form.

The on-line form can be found by going onto the College home page; and then click onto the PAYMENTS tab, which will automatically bring up the application booking form.

Please feel free to contact Mr Craig Norris (MIC Cricket) for any further information and assistance.

norrisc@stbenedicts.co.za or Cell Number:  084- 584 1545.



A huge shout out to Anthony Evans, Malcolm Chadwick, Gary Davies, the Tutors as well as the band members on their outstanding performance at the South African PIpe Band Championships at Benoni on Saturday. The Novice Juvenile Band played extremely well and were tied first on the day however Benoni pipped them in the Novice Juvenile section on a tie break. The Juvenile Band won the Juvenile section, winning both events on the day. 

The Juvenile Band and Drum Corps also walked away with the Champion of Champions for the season.

Well done to all. The overall results on the day were as follows:

Novice Juvenile Band

March set - 2nd (ensemble preference)
March Strathspey Reel - 2nd (ensemble preference)
Overall - 2nd (MSR preference)
Drum Corps - 1st
Bass Section - 2nd

Juvenile Band

March Strathspey Reel - 1st
Medley - 1st
Overall - 1st
Drum Corps  - 1st
Bass Section - 1st


Congratulations to Janet Chalmers, Joe Huysers and the music department on the performances of the boys at the International Marimba and Steelband Festival at St Dominic’s over the weekend. It was a long weekend for many of the boys who competed in both the Pipe Band and the Marimba band festivals. Having said that, our boys equipped themselves well under immense pressure and competition.


The music department offers private instrumental tuition in piano, recorder, flute, saxophone, clarinet, bagpipes, violin, electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, voice, drum kit and Pipeband snare drum.

The termly cost of these lessons is:

  • R1850.00 per term for 10 x 30 minute lessons              
    R2775.00 per term for 10 x 45 minute lessons            
    R3700.00 per term for 10 x 60 minute lessons

Should your son be interested in learning one of these instruments please contact Mrs Jenny Stoltz (stoltzj@stbenedicts.co.za) for further information.



Farewell Angela Law

Today we say farewell to a lady who has been a stalwart in the Science and Life Science departments. Mrs Law has worked at St Benedict's College for the past 15 years. During this time she has done a fantastic job in ensuring that the Science and Life Science laboratories were equipped with all the necessary chemicals and that experiments were set up with the correct apparatus ahead of time. She did all the procurement for these departments and often clocked many kilometers in her car in search of the ingredients for the final matric Life Science practical exams. These pracs always ran smoothly due to her diligence and attention to detail. 

Not only did she contribute holistically as a Lab Assistant but she also headed up the Blood Drive. Each term the team were able to exceed the number of pints extracted than the previous term. Mrs Law leaves big boots to fill here at Bennies. We thank her for her tireless work and we wish her well in her new venture. As one chapter of her life comes to an end so another one begins.


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Mr Rob Ambler has accepted the Head of Waterpolo position and will take up his post in January 2018. Mr Ambler is currently the Head of Waterpolo at Kingswood College in the Eastern Cape. He is also the 1st team hockey coach. Mr Ambler has a wealth of experience and we look forward to his contributions at St Benedict's College in the years ahead.

Just a friendly reminder that Mr Dave Lincoln will be taking up his position as Head of Sport in the College from the 9th of October. I am excited about these two appointments and I have no doubt that their contributions will assist Bennies in taking our sports to another level.

Miss Goetsimang Ramotsho joins us at the start of September as a replacement for Mrs Angela Law as a Lab Assistant. We look forward to her contributions in the Science and Life Science departments.


At this time of the year there tends to be movement of staff in and around schools. With this in mind I inform the St Benedict's community of the following staff who will be leaving our employment at the end of this year. Mr September has indicated that he would like to study on a full time basis next year so that he can complete his masters. We are in the process of finding a suitable replacement for him in the Business Studies department.
Mr Maarman has accepted a promotional post at Domincan Convent where he will take up a position of Deputy Headmaster. This is a great achievement and we wish him well in his new venture. We have advertised the Head of Life Orientation position and will find a suitable replacement in the new term. 
Miss Bolton has accepted the Head of Religion position in the Junior prep school. While she is not leaving St Benedict's, we congratulate her on her promotion. 



In order to plan adequately for 2018, I would like to draw to your attention that should your son not be returning to St Benedict's College and/or boarding house in 2018, a term’s notice is required. This notice needs to be in writing and addressed to the College Headmaster and emailed to the College Secretary, carrozzoc@stbenedicts.co.za

Should the College not receive a letter of intent before 4 August 2017, parents will be liable for a term's fees.


Have you downloaded the St Benedict's App?

Available on GooglePlay / Apple store.
Login code is stben317, don't forget to register! 

. Get the latest news at your fingertips
. Report your boy as late or absent at a click of a button
. Get your weather reports and sports fixtures.
. Extra curriculum information and event info
. Connect with your sons' teacher on "App Users" or other parents
. Load money onto tuckshop cards
  and much much more




Our Main rugby sponsor Landrover is running an incredible charity drive, "Hope Crosses Any Terrain". They collect goods for redistribution to impoverished communities to assist during the cold winter months. click here to view details.


The Preparatory school has for many years run a very successful fundraising project collecting textiles for recycling. The College Sports Department has decided to use this fundraising initiative to raise funds for ongoing projects. The initiative gives you an opportunity to clear out your wardrobes and raise funds at the same time.  There are also chances to win prizes for the most kilograms handed in.
This is how it works:
1. Each boy in the College will receive a white bag that can be filled with the following:
Second hand clothing
Shoes, belts and handbags
Linen, towels and curtains
Soft toys

Remember NO books or hard toys, sharp or broken items.  Also no uniform items with school badges on them.
2. Each bag has a unique number, which is registered against your son’s name.
3. Once the bag is full, look for the i-Collect bin which is located in the gym parking lot.
Drop the bag in the bin.
4. Additional bags are available from Michelle Kleer from the Preparatory School reception. 
The more bags you fill the better your chance of winning.
5. The first lucky draw will take place on Friday, 4 August 2017.
Cash prizes:
1st Prize: R700.00
2nd Prize: R500.00
3rd Prize: R250.00

If you cannot find anything to fill a bag, please return it to Mrs Kleer or Mrs Dubrovo 


Warmest congratulations to our lucky Ububele winners who scooped this term's winnings at last week's Ububele draw which was really well attended and supported by our valuable members:-
SECOND PRIZE OF R5,000 - MR ANTHONY BALLARD (this is Mr Ballard's second R5,000 winning scoop as he won this last time last year under the Millennium flag!!)
****Warmest congrats to you all and happy spending!****

Ububele members, both existing and aspiring - PLEASE BE SURE TO NOTE AND DIARIZE the date for our third and final 2017 Christmas draw - Wednesday 22nd November - you wont want to miss it!!!!


Heartiest congratulations to Mrs Terry Pretorius - mother of our very own James Barger in Grade 11E - on winning the awesome and generous prize which was very kindly sponsored towards the Drama Department's Sisabalaza fundraiser by Mr Leslie Matthews of "iGO Travel" (Mr Matthews is the father of Damon Matthews - one of our St Benedict's old boys from the class of 2010").  Mrs Pretorius has won two return Kulula air ticket; three day fully inclusive Europcar car hire and a two night stay at aTsogo Sun Hotel anywhere in South Africa.  

Sincerest thanks to both Mr Matthews for his generosity as well as to each and every one who supported this fundraiser with their ticket purchases as well as those who very kindly donated.


We are so proud of Mosa Moatshe and Malvern Gundumure, both in Grade 8B for handing in a cellphone which they found left behind in the boys' toilets - thank you for your honesty and integrity.


Many great St Benedict’s stories go untold and uncelebrated because it is inconvenient and time-consuming for boys, staff and parents to sit down and put pen to paper. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to submit an article, our Marketing Department has created a News Submission Form that makes the process really quick and easy. We invite our boys, staff, parents and alumni to submit your latest news of school events, achievements and awards using the form. The Marketing Department will review your submission and forward it to the relevant forum for publication, be it the press, our weekly newsletters, our Facebook page and other social media platforms or Clamour, our online magazine. Please click here to find the news submission form.


Dave Jeffrey

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