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30 November 2018

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From the Head's Desk



As the year draws to a close, I leave you with a short yet sincere message of thanks for the pleasant journey. The Matrics have spent the last week contemplating their final exams at school. I have the utmost confidence in them and have no doubt that they will all achieve a fantastic set of results come year end. We wish each and every one of them success in the next phase of their lives.

This year has seen our school achieve some pleasing results in all four pillars and we thank everyone who has made it possible. Particularly the staff and coaches who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our boys’ skills levels were given the detail it required. Whether it was the early morning training sessions or the extra practice that was thrown in; we are pleased to have these wonderful staff members on our team.

To all our amazing parents who speak positively about our school and those who have gone out of their way to support our boys, we thank you. Your contributions on the side of the field are just as important as those which happened on the field. A special thanks to the parents who have done their share of fund-raising or the selling of food at home fixtures. You are a credit to our school.

Finally, I would like to thank all our staff who have given their all in the classroom to ensure that our academics ranks right up there with some of the best schools in Gauteng. Your contributions have certainly not gone unnoticed. Sadly, it is at this time of year we bid farewell to some staff who have served the school well. Mr Rautenbach has been an intern for the past two years working in the English department and contributed to both water-polo and rugby. He will be taking up a position at St Albans next year. Mr Lynch has been with the school for the past five years, rising through the rugby ranks to become the 1st team coach. Over and above, this he coached cricket; assisted boys with sports counselling and taught in the Life Orientation Department. Mr Lynch and his family are relocating to the Eastern Cape and will be joining Queens College in Queenstown. Mr Storme Burger, who has also been with us for the past 5 years, has decided to leave teaching. Mr Burger served the rugby and rowing clubs with distinction. Mr Burger also worked his way up through the ranks as an intern before he qualified as a Business Studies teacher. Mrs McAnda joined the Drama Department 8 years ago and over this time we have seen immense growth. Under her care and guidance, our Drama boys won the coveted RAPS play festival in 2016. She will be sorely missed and we wish her well at Steyn City next year. Finally Mrs Visentin will be joining Assumption Convent next year. Mrs Visentin has done some wonderful work in the Science Department for the past 16 years. When the call of duty required, Mrs Visentin would also teach in the RE Department. We wish these staff members everything of the best in their future endeavors. 

In closing we wish our Bennies Community a peaceful end to the year and we look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and healthy in 2019. I ask that you consult the school app as well as the calendar for details about the first week of school in January. And should you be going away of the Christmas period, please travel safely. 


If your son is going to be in grade 10 in 2019 please download the following letter regarding the Outward Bound experience and complete the reply slip by clicking here.

Download pdf here




“It is good to give thanks to the Lord.” 

ThIs line from a favourite Psalm came to mind while I was recently celebrating the Grade 7 Thanksgiving Mass. From the altar, I looked at the parents who take so much interest in the education of their sons that they are able to leave work and other important engagements to be at school and give thanks to God for all the  ...read more




The following activities are planned during the first two weeks of January 2019:

06 – 11 January:  Rowing Camp (all age groups)
15 – 18 January:  Grade 8 Camp (Compulsory for all Grade 8 boys and College Leaders) at Parnassus Farm
16 – 18 January:  Grade 9 Cultural/Arts programme and Summer Sports programme at school
16 – 18 January:  Grades 10 and 11 English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Science workshops at school
16 – 18 January:  Grade 12 IT PAT and Grade 12 ORT
21 January:    Compulsory Gr 8 Parents Meeting (18:30 - 19:30 - College Hall)
23 January:    Compulsory Gr 9 Parents Meeting (17:45 - 18:45 - College Hall)
23 January:    Compulsory Gr 10 Parents Meeting (19:00 - 20:00 - College Hall)
22 January:    Compulsory Gr 11 Parents Meeting (18:00 - 19:00 -  College Hall)                                                                                                                                                5 February:    Compulsory Gr 12 Parents Meeting (18:00 - 19:00 - College Hall)

Although the first full academic day takes place on  Monday, 21 January 2019, all boys are expected to be involved in the activities scheduled above. All College boys must attend the College Assembly which takes place in the School Hall at 07:30 on Monday, 21 January 2019. Thereafter they will be allocated to their 2019 classes.Boys need not bring all their books to school on the first day: an examination pad and basic stationery will be adequate.  


Click here to view the 2019 textbook & stationery lists


The monthly planners are now being uploaded. click here to view.



2019 Sports Tours and Festivals

Please download the below documents to view the details of next years Sports Tours & Festivals


click here or mail upmand@stbenedicts.co.za to register



Parents can also sign their son up for individual private cricket coaching by completing the on-line application form.

The on-line form can be found by going onto the College home page; and then click onto the PAYMENTS tab, which will automatically bring up the application booking form.

Please feel free to contact Mr David Lincoln (Head of Sports) for any further information and assistance.




The Music Department offers extra-cost individual instrumental tuition, with highly qualified staff, in the following instruments:  piano, recorder, flute, saxophone, clarinet, bagpipes, violin, cello, electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, voice, drum kit and pipe band snare drum.  If the instrument that your son is interested in is not listed, please contact Mrs Chalmers (email below) to discuss lesson options. 

Lesson charges for 2019 are: 
R2120.00 per term for 10, 30-minute lessons
R3180.00 per term for 10, 45-minute lessons 
R4240.00 per term for 10, 60-minute lessons  

Should your son be interested in learning an instrument in 2019, please click on the following link to access our Application Form

Should you have any queries, please contact the Head of Music, Janet Chalmers on chalmersj@stbenedicts.co.za









Click here to read more about BDirect and it's discount for our Bennies parents!


Many great St Benedict’s stories go untold and uncelebrated because it is inconvenient and time-consuming for boys, staff and parents to sit down and put pen to paper. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to submit an article, our Marketing Department has created a News Submission Form that makes the process really quick and easy. We invite our boys, staff, parents and alumni to submit your latest news of school events, achievements and awards using the form. The Marketing Department will review your submission and forward it to the relevant forum for publication, be it the press, our weekly newsletters, our Facebook page and other social media platforms or Clamour, our online magazine. Please click here to find the news submission form.


You can now submit your news story to us using our mobile app!


Dave Jeffrey



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Test Drive Experience


To each and every one who donated blood at yesterday's Drive - THANK YOU!!!  Our awesome blood reps managed to round up donors to constitute the sum total of 96 UNITS!!!

Hopefully next year's drives will meet our first prize target figure of 100-120 units in the pursuit of helping those in need!
To each and every one who donated blood at yesterday's Drive - THANK YOU!!!  Our awesome blood reps managed to round up donors to constitute the sum total of 96 UNITS!!!

Hopefully next year's drives will meet our first prize target figure of 100-120 units in the pursuit of helping those in need!
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Extra Lessons & Sports Practices:


We believe that you will enjoy our level of service and efficiency and invite you to contact us with your short term insurance

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