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Sport in the College

St Benedict's, like other Boys' Schools, stresses the importance of participation in school sport and the various cultural activities. This is regarded as educationally important in that team-work can accomplish what no amount of individual talent or dedication can. It is our interaction with others that develops many of the Christian values - such as a concern for other people – that we as a school hold dear.
We believe that without the lessons taught by school sport and cultural activities, our boys would be receiving a poorer education.  We stand therefore for a broad and balanced education - and have moved increasingly to complementing top academic facilities and academic endeavour with top sporting and cultural facilities and excellent coaching.
Participation in a School Sport or Drama or the Pipe Band or First Aid is compulsory at the College because we believe that these activities form an integral part of a boys’ education. Not only is participation important in its own right, promoting physical and mental health, but also because it underscores the values for which all good schools stand: honesty, loyalty, team-work and consideration for others. School activities take preference over any outside sport participation.
The compulsory primary summer sports are:
Aquatics (Swimming and Water polo)
The compulsory primary winter sports are:
Tennis (First Team, consisting of 7 tennis players, are exempt from participation in Rugby and Hockey)
Boys may also opt to be part of the College Pipe Band during summer and winter months.
On condition that a boy participates in one of the sports indicated above, he may, in addition, opt to participate in a range of secondary activities: Athletics, Chess, Cross-Country, Golf, Air Pistol Shooting, Soccer and Squash.