Latest Matric Results

Results from the Class of 2022

The management and staff at St Benedict’s College are delighted with the Matric results for 2022.

Our boys have performed extremely well and are commended on their overall performance in the 2022 IEB examinations. We celebrate and give thanks for the achievements of each boy. The results are the fruit of individual effort and the teamwork of teachers, parents and peers.

While we highlight some of the top achievers, many of our boys have attained results in excess of their own expectations. We have encouraged the boys in our care to define and set their own personal benchmarks and to take responsibility for their own personal learning in order to realise these academic goals. Historically, St Benedict’s College has produced some outstanding matric results and this year is right up there with some of the best. The 2022 final results have been achieved through the boys’ own individual efforts, coupled with the unequivocal support from their parents and the determination of our phenomenal teachers. We salute the class of 2022 on their fine achievements.

– Mr Dave Jeffrey, College Head                                                        – Mr Andre Oosthuysen, Executive Head


One hundred and thirteen boys sat the NSC examination. A summary of the results below demonstrate the calibre of teaching and learning that takes place throughout St Benedict’s College:

100% Matric pass rate for the 48th consecutive year
99.12% University Entrance (Bachelor Degree) passes
100% of boys qualify for tertiary studies
Information Technology average of 83.24% with 18 distinctions from 25 boys
Life Orientation average of 82.7% with 73 distinctions from 113 boys
Dramatic Arts average of 80.59% with 9 distinctions from 22 boys
Maths average of 74.22% with 29 distinctions from 81 boys
English average 71.85% with 22 distinctions from 113 boys
Physical Science average of 70.82% with 16 distinctions from 60 boys
4 boys obtained an overall Distinction Average of 90% and above

Key Statistics

  • 13 subjects exceed IEB national subject averages (excluding Further Studies subjects).
  • 13 subjects attained overall averages of 70% or more.
  • 4 boys obtained an overall Distinction Average of 90% and above.
  • 26 boys obtained overall Distinction Averages of 80% and above.
  • 33 boys achieved “B” averages (+70%).
  • 41 boys achieved “C” averages (+60%).
  • 113 matriculants produce 273 distinctions.
  • Distinction ratio of 2.42 distinctions per matriculant!
  • Collectively the class of 2022 attained an overall average of 71.87%.
  • Yan-Ming (Danny) Gao and Thashil Mistry feature on the IEB Outstanding Achievers’ List (Top 5% nationally in 6 subjects and a distinction in Life Orientation) while Turidu Di Bella, Tiago Matias and Max Van Niekerk feature on the IEB Commendable Achievers’ List (Top 5% nationally in 5 subjects and a distinction in Life Orientation).

Eleven candidates obtained seven distinctions or more:

  • Yan Ming (Danny) Gao – 93.57% average (11 Distinctions)
  • Thashil Mistry – 92.86% average (10 Distinctions)
  • Keaton Muller – 90.86% average (8 Distinctions)
  • Tiago Matias – 89.71% average (8 Distinctions)
  • Yabsira Gebremichael – 89.29% average (7 Distinctions)
  • Turidu Di Bella – 89% average (7 Distinctions)
  • Nicholas Mostert – 88.43 average (7 Distinctions)
  • Xavier Prospero – 88.29% average (7 Distinctions)
  • Nicholas McDonald – 87.86% average (7 Distinctions)
  • Joshua Sammons – 86.43% average (7 Distinctions)
  • Chidiebere Umah  – 86.29% average (7 Distinctions)

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