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Junior Preparatory School News and Events
This section of the site contains news items and details on events. Click on the relevant category in the right pane to access the items you are interested in. These will then be listed below, sorted in reverse order by date.
Oct03Newsletter 5 October 2018
Published: 03/10/2018

“I had chicken pox in the 1st Grade and when I came back, ......
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Sep19Newsletter 21 September 2018
Published: 19/09/2018

One of the many many tasks of teachers is the marking of books; ....
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Sep06Newsletter 7 September 2018
Published: 06/09/2018

The purpose of creating a culture of solution-focused collaboration within our community ....
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Jul30Newsletter 3 August 2018
Published: 30/07/2018

Learning is a journey which takes us to places we have never been before ....
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Jul18Newsletter 20 July 2018
Published: 18/07/2018

This was the theme of the recent IBSC conference that I was so fortunate to attend in Australia, ...
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Jul05Newsletter 6 July 2018
Published: 05/07/2018

Currently, as teachers, we are finding boys incapable of making confident and independent decision...
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Jul03Managing your child's digital devices
Published: 03/07/2018

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Jun14Newsletter 15 June 2018
Published: 14/06/2018

How often do we hear parents, teachers  and  caregivers saying that their children just don't li...
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Jun01Newsletter 1 June 2018
Published: 01/06/2018

With the #2018FIFAWorldCup fast approaching there is already a lot of hype about the games and pla...
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Jun01Sports Planner for the week 2 June - 9 June 2018
Published: 01/06/2018

Sports Planner for the week 2 June - 9 June 2018
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