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Newsletter 7 July 2017

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This Week's Conversation


To see the joy of a child who runs to hug his mom or dad after a busy and exciting day at school is priceless. They have learnt and experienced so much in their day and they can't wait to share these with their beloved parents. I have often witnessed boys in my class showing their parents their pictures on the wall or interesting art activities that they have done with great enthusiasm. It warms my heart to see the love and interaction between a parent and child at drop off or collection time.
For other children the experience is quite the opposite. Some parents will walk in to drop off or fetch their children with their mobile device 'attached' to their ears. Or they seem to be typing what seems like unending texts while their child is vying for their love and attention. 

The same can be said in the afternoons at sporting events or even in the evenings during dinner time. Nowadays, the interactions between parents and their children are often limited because of mobile devices. Parents are no longer leaving work at work. They are often dealing with work related issues during important family time in the late afternoons, evenings and even sometimes on the weekend.

This is not only limiting communication between parents and their children but is also modeling that the work on their device is more important than family time. There is a saying that says, “It's not what we say, but what we do that makes a lasting impression on your children.”

Dan Sheaffer wrote an article titled, “Put Down Your Smartphone. Your kids deserve your whole-hearted attention” In his article he said, "I thought about some of my habits and how they are mirrored in my son's life, I realized that he also watches my technology habits. He notices exactly how much time I spend on my phone. There are two reasons this is not good.

First, I am not fully present when I'm glancing at the phone. I'm not as good at doing two things at once as I'd like to think. This usually means I end up paying more attention to my phone than my son. 

Second, the moment the phone leaves my hand, he is there to pounce on it like a dog on a steak bone. Ten years down the road I don't want his head looking down at a phone instead of being present in the world around him. Fighting these battles starts with me, right now."

So understandably it's difficult to get away from technology, especially when it's so convenient.  Here are a couple of times when you can put down your phone to save your family relationships and communications:
Turn your phone on silent when you are dropping off or collecting your child from school. Children are young for such a short period of time, so enjoy the hugs and kisses. Let them show you their 'stuff' and tell you about their day at school.

Turn your phone off when you are watching your child play sport, so that you can pay full attention to your child's game. I'm sure that no one would bother you in an important meeting at work, so messages can be left during this time and you can get back to them later. Put your phone on silent during dinner times or outings to restaurants. Teach your children the value of communication at the dinner table.
So here is a challenge for you as parents, enjoy your quality time with your children, talk to them, listen to them, watch them grow and please, put down your phone.




Ahead of us is the exciting day where we will be celebrating the feast of St Benedict - the patron saint of our school. By definition, the term “Patron Saint” refers to the saint to whose protection and intercession a person, a society, a church, or a place is dedicated. The choice is often made on the basis of some real or presumed relationship with the persons or places involved. (Britannica). In the case of our school, the choice of St Benedict was informed by the fact that it was on his feast day (11th July 1958) that the Oblates of Mary Immaculate received approval from the East Rand School Board to establish a school for boys in Bedfordview.. 

Being consistent to the above cited definition, one can infer that since, as a school, we are dedicated to Benedict’s protection and intercession, and since, as a community, we strive to lead an authentic and morally sound life, among other things; it becomes necessary to allow ourselves, respectively to take Benedict’s way of life as an example and model to follow. 

There are many saints who exist: some known to us and others unknown. What remains a fact, however, is that God called them as ordinary people within their respective contexts and ways of life. For instance, St Benedict was born around 480 as the son of a Roman noble. He was of good birth and in his youth lived an ordinary life in Rome. In this ordinary context, God called him and through this calling, he started to reflect on his life and hence found himself revolted by the licentiousness of his companions. As a result, his journey toward being a hermit began. Today he is known as the Patriarch of Western Monks and patron of many institutions, including our own.

Through being inspired by this great man’s way of life, and by striving to live according to his principles and rule; we, the family of St Benedict’s, will be answering God’s call just as the saints did. We may not be called to be hermits or to consecrated ways of life, but we will certainly be called to love others, to care for them, and most importantly, to live lives that will allow others to come to know God through us. 

Therefore, let it not be enough for us to know ourselves as the community of St Benedict’s. Let us also come to know who St Benedict is, and through this knowledge, be inspired by his way of life and, in turn, allow those around us to experience the presence of God through us. By doing this, we will be saying “Yes” to God’s call of working with him to establish His kingdom on earth.

St Benedict, Pray for us!


Our prayers and sympathy go out to those in the St Benedict's community who have lost loved ones:
To Mrs Candice Peterson, Grathon and family on the loss of their Mother and Granny.
To Mr and Mrs Esterhuizen and family on the loss of their Mother and Granny.



If you are someone who would like to be part of the “Believes in Bennies” movement, we invite you to find out more about Ubulele  and consider joining this worthwhile initiative

It’s about expressing the spirit of Ubuntu, generosity, community wellness and the spirit of togetherness. 
The St Benedict’s College Ububele is an initiative that springs from the Millennium Club that was launched in January 2011. The purpose of the Ububele  is to assist the College  in broadening its school based outreach programme. This programme is designed to assist identified boys across all sections of the school in need of assistance based on a need’s means test. 

Ububele is based on the following principles:
• Unlimited open membership 
Members, may purchase an unlimited quantity of annual subscriptions.
• Contribution per member is R 1 200 per annum or 12 X R100 monthly debit order.
• An annual subscriber qualifies for entry for an entry into a termly draw.
•The draw take place at the Tony Dobson Pavilion and members are alerted to these before the draw.
• Cash prizes are awarded as follows:
1st prize – R10 000
2nd – R5 000 
Attendance Prize – R2 000

If you “Believe in Bennies”, complete the online Membership Form and support this worthwhile initiative. 


“Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look or touch. It is anything that lifts another person.”  C. Neill Strait.

Madiba is one of South Africa’s greatest heroes. His birthday on the 18 July is celebrated as Mandela Day the world over. He gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights and upliftment of humanity. It is only fitting that we as a school, do our part in this campaign. 
Each grade from Gr R - Gr 3 will be engaged in various forms of collections and sandwich making. See below for details.

Grade R: Sunshine Methodist Nursery School in Bedfordview - Grade R boys will be making sandwiches that will be delivered to the Nursery School
Grade 1: Strathyre Girls Home in Kensington - Vaseline, Aqueous cream, Deodorant, Disposable razors, Shampoo and conditioner, Soap(Johnson & Johnson original), Hair oil & Toilet paper.
Grade 2: Project Brave Foundation -  Boxes of Knorr Cup of Soup.  Please send boxes of soup to the foyer to build a tower of our donations.
Grade 3: St. Francis Children’s Home in Boksburg - Baby supplies (soap, wet wipes), Vaseline, Aqueous cream, Baby and children socks & Baby blankets. Groceries: Jam, margarine, peanut butter, washing powder. 


Your son’s midyear report was emailed to you before the midterm break. Thank you for the positive feedback that we have received regarding the new layout. This report would have given you an overview of where your son’s strengths and weaknesses are. Remember to praise your son’s efforts and help him to set goals to encourage improvement. We look forward to the remainder of this term with lots of fun filled and exciting learning opportunities



On Wednesday 14 June, the Music Department presented “A Medley of Music”.  All the ensembles participated and delivered a magical show. The evening kicked off with the outstanding College Pipe Band and every successive group wowed the crowd with their performances.  The Junior Preparatory Choir, the Rock Band, and all three percussion groups delighted the audience with their music.  
The Music Department congratulates the boys on their performances, dedication and hard work. It was a beautiful evening that allowed the boys, parents, and staff the opportunity to enjoy all that the school has to offer.



The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) Eisteddfod provides boys, who are learning instruments, with the opportunity to perform in a non-threatening environment, with feedback being provided by well-qualified adjudicators.  It is not a competition and performers are awarded a certificate reflecting their achievement:  Diploma; Gold; Silver or Bronze.  The cost per entry is R175.00. We will be hosting a week of the Eisteddfod (for Music), the provisional dates of which are Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 September.  If you would like your son to take part in the Music Eisteddfod, please reply by clicking the link below.


 If you have already replied to the email that was sent to parents of boys learning at St Benedict's, there is no need to reply again. Should you have any queries, please contact me on chalmersj@stbenedicts.co.za




As part of our initiative to prepare the Grade 2’s to transition from mini-cricket to hard ball cricket which is played in Grade 3, they will have an option to attend cricket coaching at the College fields and indoor nets on Friday afternoons. Boys will be collected from the JP foyer at 13:15 by the Prep School coaches and accompanied across the road. It is not necessary to have cricket kit, but if boys have their own bats they are encouraged to bring them. Please note that boys will not return to the JP and must be collected at 14:30 at the Prep School Field at the top of the ramp leading off the gym parking. Boys will receive reply slips to confirm attendance. The first session will be on 28 July.


A reminder that Gr 2 soccer reply slips need to be handed into Mrs Haji by Monday 10 July. If we do not receive a reply slip your son will not be permitted to travel on the bus to Raven’s Park for the soccer match.


Please refer to the Sports Newsletter which appears on our Junior Prep main page website under the under the heading 'Latest News'



The use of social media by our children continues to be something of a hot topic with arguments both for and against.
Using social media doesn't have to be scary.  As part of an initiative to make the internet safer for young people, this presentation will share tips for managing accounts and give some helpful examples of good practice.
Date: 18 July 2017
Time: 18:30
Venue: Junior Prep School Hall

Guest Speaker: Erica Strydom     MEd Educational Psychology
Erica is a registered Educational Psychologist with the HPCSA and an internationally qualified Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) facilitator.  She was also involved with Home-Start, an NPO that assists families with young children. Erica believes that "when people know better, they do better" and therefore endeavours to be involved in educating learners in order to guide them to make better informed decisions for their lives.


Our Bennies App has enabled us to communicate promptly with parents particularly when boys are traveling and we encounter traffic delays en route. If you have not yet downloaded it onto your phone, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible, using the code StBen317

Dates to Diarise

Monday 10 July  Gr R Meet & Greet with Father Thabo 
Monday - Thursday 10 - 13 July  Confident Kids Eisteddfod Gr R - 3
Tuesday 11 July  Feast of St Benedict's Mass 
Thursday 13 July  Gr 3 Outing to Pioneer House Museum 
Friday 14 July  1st Confessions 

14 July  Gr 2 Soccer at Ravens park
  14 July Parenting Talk - Positive Parenting (Tony Dobson Pavilion 07:30 - 08:30) 
Tuesday 18 July  Mandela Day 
  18 July  Wellness Talk - Social Media (Junior Prep Hall 18:30 - 19:30)
Thursday 20 July  Gr 3 Amazing Race 
  20 July Ububele Draw (Tony Dobson  Pavilion 18:30) 
Saturday 22 July  Gr 2 Soccer at St Stithians 
Thursday 26 July  Junior Prep Informal Music Evening
Saturday 29 July  Junior Prep SPORTS DAY 
Monday - Friday  31 Jul - 4 Aug  MADD Week 
  31 Jul - 4 Aug No Extra Murals
Friday 4 August  1st Friday Mass 

4 August  School close at 11:45 
Wednesday 6 September  Term 3 Starts 

Please see our Website calendar for future dates.



MISS NICOLE AZEVEDO on the occasion of her engagement. Wishing the happy couple the very best for their future together.


1A  Clayton Shone Extremely informative bubble map on the planets.
  Mohamed Dawoodjee Consistent effort to complete his tasks.
1B  Joao Sequeira Thoughtful interactions with others.
  Jason Hove Committed attitude to all his tasks.
1C Logan Surtees Excellent fluency and expression in reading.
  Liam Neto Working conscientiously and giving of his best.
1D Mitchell Rodrigues Great effort in reading.
  Liam O'Sullivan Diligence and effort in completing his tasks.
2E Joshua Venter Conscientious approach to all tasks.
  Mothei Mutloane Pleasing improvement in his work pace.
2F  Kyle Strydom Beautiful 2D sea shape picture.
  Evan Sheasby Beautiful ocean cinquain.
2G Jordan Day Wonderful expression when reading.
  Reece Botha Trying his best in the completion of his Dolphin Comprehension.
2H  Aston De Agrela Excellent doubling calculations.
  Adam Henderson Beautiful improvement in his reading.
3I Aidan North Continued good effort in all his work.
  Dylan Kench Great work with Fractions.
3J Alexander Johnston Always willing to help and support his fellow classmates
  Ryan Atrache Being organised and responsible with his school belongings.
3K Luca Mion Good participation in Afrikaans.
  Kian McAnda Enthusiastic participation in Afrikaans
3L Matthew Cronin Following instructions so carefully.
  Matthew McKenzie Awesome Acrostic poem.


Kiaran Fish
  Billy Jnr Umah
3J Ronaldo Rodrigues
  Martinus Bruwer
3K Michele Patrizi
  Keanu Jardim
3L Sam Walsh
  Tiago Di Benedetto


3L Kaleb Shiferaw 3L Dale Esterhuizen
3I Kyle Sullivan 1D Redirile Makgoro
3I Brayden Compton 3L Krish Vaswasi
2E Matteo Erasmus 3L Cristiano Nortje
3L Alessio Santana 2H Ryan Caldwell
1A Seth Davis 1A Callum Sherratt
3I Kieran Fish  2G  Jordan Day 
3L Christopher Sparke  3L  Filippo Cinti 
3L Matthew Cronin  3L  Aditya Singh 
3L  Jaden Mulena  1D  Dino Hatzidimos 
1D  Khaya Gxoyiya  2F  Michael van Esch 
2F  David Van Wyk  2F  Jordan Ramsarup 
2F  Deacon Marshall  2F  Callum Hertenberger 
3L  Daniel Unigwe  1B Darren Munorei 


Grade R: Lory Park Zoo discovering whether we are as tall as a tiger.

    Grade 1: We love playing Bingo to learn our phonic words.

Grade 2: Creating Tree Maps to expand out thinking.
 Grade 3: Playing with Fractions.

Final Word from the Head

This is your chance to connect with something that benefits the greater good. By joining the Ububele initiative, you will be making a difference in the Bennies community for just R100.00 per month. Looking forward to meeting up with you at the draw on 20 July. #BelieveInBennies

Twitter handle: @BenniesJP  and visit our Facebook page   



Dante Volo

Dante Volo

Dates to Diarise

Wednesday 3 May Term 2 Commences
Friday 5 May  1st Friday Mass 

5 May  Reach For A Dream Speaker at assembly
Sunday 7 May Alumni Homecoming Mass 08:30 College Chapel (See details on event poster)
Monday 8 May  Extra Murals Start
Tuesday 9 May  Parent Wellness Evening - Bullying Talk (See details on event poster)
Thursday 11 May Mothers' Day Mass (See details on event poster)
Friday  12 May  Slippers Day - remember to purchase your wrist band
Tuesday 16 May  'Let The Children Sing' Choir Festival
Friday 19 May  Founders Day Mass 
  19 May  School close at 12:00 - No Supervision due to staff function
Friday  19 - 27 May Catholic Schools Week
Sunday  21 May  Catholic Schools Sunday 
Wednesday 24 May Teacher Appreciation Day
Thursday  25 May  Ascension Thursday Mass 
Tuesday  30 May  Grade R visit to HRS 

Please see our Website calendar for future dates.

Dates to Diarise

Wednesday 3 May Term 2 Commences
Friday 5 May  1st Friday Mass 

5 May  Reach For A Dream Speaker at assembly
Sunday 7 May Alumni Homecoming Mass 08:30 College Chapel (See details on event poster)
Monday 8 May  Extra Murals Start
Tuesday 9 May  Parent Wellness Evening - Bullying Talk (See details on event poster)
Thursday 11 May Mothers' Day Mass (See details on event poster)
Friday  12 May  Slippers Day - remember to purchase your wrist band
Tuesday 16 May  'Let The Children Sing' Choir Festival
Friday 19 May  Founders Day Mass 
  19 May  School close at 12:00 - No Supervision due to staff function
Friday  19 - 27 May Catholic Schools Week
Sunday  21 May  Catholic Schools Sunday 
Wednesday 24 May Teacher Appreciation Day
Thursday  25 May  Ascension Thursday Mass 
Tuesday  30 May  Grade R visit to HRS 

Please see our Website calendar for future dates.




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