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Newsletter 4 August 2017

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This Week's Conversation


This last week has provided the boys with glorious opportunities to explore their creativity as they indulged in Music Art Drama & Dance, and they all agreed that #MADDweek was the best. So why does creativity matter so much? We all know about that feeling of satisfaction when we get into a zone where we connect with our passion, doing things we love and our creativity kicks in; we feel energised and time stands still. But creativity is not just for the arts, it is now considered the key skill to prepare children for life beyond the classroom; even to the point that many of the world’s most successful businesses allow employees to devote up to 20% of their time to creativity and exploring new ideas. Ken Robinson describes creativity as “the process of having original ideas that have value” and our future depends on this. Creative thinkers are adaptable, innovative and excellent problem solvers; these are crucial workplace dispositions.

With the long August holidays coming up, parents are often at a loss on how to keep their children constructively occupied and feel they need to fill the day with organised activities; but this is a perfect time to connect with your children, and find ways to challenge their imagination. Creative Parenting expert, Nikki Bush, suggests that you provide your children with a dedicated space which does not need to be tidied up for several days. This could be a dining room table or a space on your patio, for blocks, vehicles and action figures. She says that children need time to get creative ideas out of their heads and this does not happen in a couple of minutes. Often, we allow time for children to play, and just when they are in that zone of creativity we suddenly tell them to pack away. What they really need, is to potter and ponder, then to leave it and come back later. If we keep interrupting their play, they will eventually stop tapping into their creativity. There is so much value in revisiting what they have started. (As adults we also tend to revisit a task and improve it over time.) This special play space can become an exciting area to rediscover toys that have been forgotten about, and combine different kits, and play with them in new ways. Instead of following the Lego instructions for a predetermined model, let children mix up the blocks and use their imagination to create bridges for their trains or their own design of a spacecraft. Providing some playdough will further prompt creative ideas. Of course, there does need to be a time to tidy up, but let them know well in advance when that will be so that it provides time to develop big ideas and does not inhibit imaginative play. 

So your challenge this holiday is to allow a marvelous mess for your children to truly explore their creative potential.




We have reached the end of another busy term. The holidays are here and have set us free from our daily routines and provide us with some much needed rest. When it comes to our spiritual lives, holiday time can be a time of spiritual decline, a time when we fall off our spiritual path.
Whether your holiday consists of visiting family, a day or weekend away, or an epic trip halfway across the country, or time relaxing at home, find ways to incorporate  your faith within the context of the holiday. Consider ways to strengthen not only your faith, but the faith of your family members. When we go out of our way to honour God, He blesses our families and provides us with a more meaningful and enriching holiday experience. Even Our Lord took time away from His busy life, to be strengthened and renewed during His ministry.
Here are just a few suggestions to keep your faith alive and strong:-

Remember that God is always there.  He does not forget you.
Do a daily devotional, it will keep you in the Word  and enhance your prayer life and keep you closer to God.
Give and care for those who God has called you to help. 
Talk to someone if you feel separated from God. Talk through your issues and pray with them about your struggle.
Pray and ask God to help you stay focussed.

Wishing you all a blessed, safe and happy holiday.


During the course of the term we have been doing weekly charity collections. The Edenvale Hospice Care Centre is in dire straits, so we thought it fitting to support them. With this money we have purchased food items and basic necessities from their wish list. A very big thank you for making this possible. 


Our prayers and sympathy go out to those in the St Benedict's community who have lost loved ones:
To Vincenzo Korras and family on the loss of his Granny.
To James MacDonald and family on the loss of his Grandad.





Our boys have enjoyed the last week of this term, participating in all the MADD week activities that the teachers had planned for them. The school had a lively buzz, with the sound of drums and Michael Jackson songs ringing through the corridors. There was acting, painting, puppet-making, dancing, muisc and many more MADD activities. Please look at the display in the foyer to give you a taste of our exciting week. If you would like to view more photographs of the events of the week, you will find them on our Twitter page: @BenniesJP



On Saturday 29 July all the boys participated in our annual Sports day. They certainly displayed good sportsmanship and tried their best at every event. A big thank you to the parents who supported their boys. Thank you to the Grade two parents who ensured that the catering ran smoothly. Well done to the winning house Mazenod, and Erasme for having such spirit.




In order to plan adequately for 2018, I would like to draw to your attention that should your son not be returning to St Benedict's in 2018, a term’s notice is required. This notice needs to be in writing and addressed to the Headmistress and emailed to  juniorprep@stbenedicts.co.za
Should the school not receive a letter of intent by today, parents will be liable for a term’s fees.


We thank Mrs Dena Sprules who has been with us this term in 3K, and we look forward to welcoming back Mrs Alexis du Toit who will be returning next term after her accouchement leave.

At the end of this year we will sadly be saying goodbye to Mrs Hilary Esterhuizen who has played such a pivotal role in the spiritual development of our boys, and enriched the school in so many ways; as she will be retiring. It is our pleasure to announce that Miss Vicki Bolton, who comes highly recommended will be joining the Junior Prep in 2018.


Our Bennies App has enabled us to communicate promptly with parents particularly when boys are traveling and we encounter traffic delays en route. If you have not yet downloaded it onto your phone, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible, using the code StBen317

Dates to Diarise

Friday 4 August  1st Friday Mass 

4 August  School close at 11:45 
Wednesday 6 September  Term 3 Starts 

Please see our Website calendar for future dates.



1A  Ruben Koegelenberg Taking initiative in group activities.
1B  Thando Mchunu Great effort in sentence writing.
1C Brandon Findlay Working diligently and neatly with his tasks.
1D Panayioti Savides Accurate counting activities.
2E Kyle Sullivan Well-written ocean work.
2F  Khany Makhanya Wonderful fraction work.
2G Diego Damilanio Demostrating perseverance when writing his exciting ocean story.
2H  Daniel McNeil Persevering in his story writing.
3I Troy Corbett Positive attitude towards his Zulu.
3J Nate Young Writing and interesting and insightful letter to our president, Mr. Jacob Zuma
3K Aleco Thomas Excellent problem-solving.
3L Luke Paisley Excellent speech about Mark Shuttleworth.


Christopher Sparke
3J Reuben Harding
3K Leandro Varonou
3L Vusi Dlamini


1D Ivan Schrittwieser 2H Christian Ekwenze
2H Kai Whelan 2H Aidan Sheratt
2H Cameron Thomas 1B Tye Daniel
1B Tiago Margues 1A  Matthew Stanier
1A Ruben Koegelenberg 2E  Joshua Paravano
2E James Wang  


2F Matteo Erasmus

Final word from the Head


This leaves me to wish you a very happy holiday making sure that your children enjoy plenty of downtime. Remember  you do not need to be planning a schedule full of daily activities, rather give them time and space for real imaginative play. We extend our thanks to you to for working together with us and supporting the school in so many ways.

I’d also like to thank our incredible staff for the personal care shown to each boy and for their commitment and hard work to provide the best possible learning experiences for our boys. We wish them a well-deserved break too.


Twitter handle: @BenniesJP  and visit our Facebook page   






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