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Newsletter 7 September 2018

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This Week's Conversation


It was wonderful to sense the palpable energy and excitement as the boys returned from the long holiday. We welcome back our Bennies families as together we continue our journey of learning and growing.  You will have noticed that there has been a lot of activity at school during the holidays, with several major projects on the go to further enhance our facilities and optimise playtime.

Firstly a big shout out of appreciation to our team of Grade 1 parents who spent their holidays transforming our playground into a wonderland of adventure. The boys have loved inventing games along the colourful wall of tyres, the painted games on the paving and additional climbing activities - all in the name of fun, interaction and imaginative play. We are indeed Blessed to have a caring parent community sharing our vision and giving of their time and talents to make a real difference. Thank you!

The second project was the erection of our new jungle gym, a generous gift from the Grade 3 class of 2017. We extend our thanks to the fundraising team that made this possible.  There was great excitement as the boys clamoured on board to take on the challenges of the climbing wall, ropes, swings, slides and more.

Finally the construction of a 100m retaining wall and landfill along our boundary to address erosion along the slope, resulting in a significant increase in our playground area.

We also extend our appreciation to our auxiliary staff who worked through the holidays to ensure our school is shipshape for the new term.
The boys enjoying some of the new equipment.


The purpose of creating a culture of solution-focused collaboration within our community.

Most of us all know the world-famous acronym for TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More). In the scope of leadership, we all have the ability to lead in the right way (to influence and help out within a team). Yes, leaders may have different roles within the team, but they all collaborate around the vision so to achieve the goal. 

Within our community, it is vital for us to collaborate toward the betterment of our sons’ view of what a healthy community looks and feels like. We are to collaborate while holding a solutions-based focus. The US Navy Seals get this right by their way of collective ownership and collaboration while out on mission. We are to endeavour to leverage such ownership and communication skills of speaking highly of one another and being willing to help out in sometimes the least expecting of ways.

Practically speaking, how can we get involved in a healthy way within the context of our boys’ schooling environment, be it: charity, academic, spiritual, cultural, or sport? Are we willing to opt to help out and collaborate to improve the facilities or to help out at an extra-curricular event: be it cooking food or something more menial like directing traffic…? This is so to model this type of collaboration for our boys and to show them that life is always better while working in a team and within a community.

How about encouraging your son to collaborate with cooking a recipe or to help out more with other tasks at home? There is purpose in encouraging your son to help us take the groceries inside or to wash the dishes - he does gain more of a sense of ownership and good pride while he thinks to himself: “I am contributing more value to my family”. 

The other purpose of a solutions-based focus is to help our boys not only see the problem but become creative in solving the problem. The next time your son comes to you with an issue, I dare you to ask him: “What do you think you can do to solve the problem?” It does come with a warning though: This has the potential to put you ‘flat on your back’ as a result of your son shocking you with an amazing solution. We are not necessarily there the whole time for our boys to get the solutions from us. We are there to ask the right questions so to prod their ‘thinking tanks’ into becoming more creative in solving the problems the right way.

More solutions-focused collaboration within our community aids to a culture of more ownership and more cohesion which eventually ‘snowballs’ into collective momentum for all.

May we continue the legacy of raising tomorrow’s leaders.




In April 2014, Pope Francis recalled in a homily that ‘The Cross is the mystery of the love of God who humbles himself. There is no Christianity without the Cross. There is no way for us to abandon sin unaided. Christ humbles himself to save us. The heart of God’s salvation is his Son, who took upon himself our sins, our pride, our self-reliance, our vanity, our desire to be like God. A Christian who is not able to glory in Christ Crucified has not understood what it means to be Christian. Our wounds, those that sin leaves in us, are healed only through the Lord’s wounds, through the wounds of God made man who humbled himself, who emptied himself.’

On the 14 September, we celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. I know that Jesus loves us, that He wants to build a relationship with us so that we can be in union with Him in Heaven for eternity. I know, in theory, that the cross is the greatest sign of His love, and necessary for our salvation. But I still struggle to glory in the cross, probably because I have made most of my life about comfort and pleasure. When I read the above quote it finally hit home that our glory is Christ crucified and that I can only be healed through His wounds. The cross is the greatest sign of His love, the greatest act of love ever performed. There is value in suffering and we can unite our suffering to His mission. Don’t get me wrong, there was no instant transformation, I still make too much of my life about pleasure and comfort but with that realisation came the will to ask Jesus to change my heart. Jesus told us in John 15 that without Him we can do nothing. All good comes from His grace.

Tomorrow, being the celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary gives us a great opportunity to reflect upon the actions of the person who shared in Jesus’ suffering the most. Mary said yes to the angel even though she was not Married and it could have cost her her life. She watched her Son suffer the most agonising death but didn’t offer any objection knowing this was God’s will. Let us ask her to help us to joyfully accept the crosses that we must bear and unite our suffering to Her son’s mission.



On the 14 September, we will be participating in the "Leave your Print" campaign, initiated by the Catholic Board of Education.  On Friday 14th the boys will be able to come to school with no shoes as an experience to see what it feels like to not have any.  We are asking a donation of R10 to be handed to your class teacher and boys will get a sticker to wear on Friday along with no shoes.  This money will be given to the Catholic Board of Education and distributed to schools in need.

We feel that this is an amazing opportunity to reflect on the blessings we have in our lives.
Boys are encouraged to join the campaign, as we continue to promote a culture of sharing among learners and staff.
A short presentation featuring the campaign and Catholic schools in South Africa can be viewed on YouTube using the following link: https://youtu.be/FaDS8753EmQ
Thank you most sincerely for your ongoing support and generosity 


We extend our deep sympathy to Mrs NIcole Millar and family on the passing of her beloved father-in-law.



We welcome all our boys back to the final term of 2018. What an exciting term it promises to be. In the classrooms our boys have become confident with learnt skills and will embrace the challenge of applying their skills to the various exciting tasks. The boys certainly had some down time this holiday, but one thing continued: READING. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #BenniesBookSelfie. Thank you to the parents who supported the boys and tweeted pictures of the boys reading in interesting places. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the many titles of the books the boys loved reading. And for those of you who never had the opportunity to travel this holiday; remember the wise words of Katrina Mayer, A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.



Our extra-mural programme commences on Monday. Click here to view the programme.

Extra Mural Time Table 2018




GRADE R - 2 
Basketball skills - Current skills in focus: dribbling, game-play basics involving shooting, rules and teamwork.

As part of our initiative to prepare the Grade 2’s to transition from mini-cricket to hard ball cricket which is played in Grade 3, they will have an option to attend cricket coaching at the College fields and indoor nets on Friday afternoons. This will commence as of Friday 14th September for classes 2E and 2F and Friday 21st September for classes 2H and 2G. Click  here for further information

Grade 1 Dads & Lads Cricket Morning: Saturday 24 November
Grade 2 Dads & Lads Cricket Morning: Saturday 1 December
Grade 2 Parent Orientation Evening: Wednesday 28th November Grade 2
The Parent Orientation Evening for 2019 Grade 3 Sport will be held by Warren Wakefield and Grant Wright (Head of Prep Sport)

Hockey season has officially started. We wish the boys all the best in their respective sports this season! 



As you are aware Mrs Louise De Sousa will be leaving us at the end of the year, and she will be sorely missed. We are however delighted to announce the appointment of Miss Karabo Mogane who will join us next year. She comes highly recommended, well-qualified and experienced and we look forward to her dynamic contribution to our Music Department in 2019.


Winter Sport photos can be ordered from the office until 21 Sept - R30 each


Six decades, one celebration! Join the Bennies celebratory Dinner Dance ibn 13 October. Tickets available on our event page.


       Tickets will be available on our event page

Dates to Diarise

Friday 7 Sep  First Friday Mass
Saturday 8 Sep Bennies family Day 
Wednesday 12 Sep  Gr 3 Amazing Race 
Thursday 13 Sep  Gr 1 Outing to the Planetarium 
Friday 14 Sep  Barefoot Day 
Saturday 15 Sep  Gr R experience morning for all future Gr R boys and their parents 09:00 - 11:00
Wednesday  19 Sep  Gr 2 Nutty Scientists
Thursday 20 Sep  CSO Choir Festival 
Monday  24 Sep  Heritage day 
Wednesday 26 Sep Gr 2 Bennies Book Bistro 
Friday 28 Sep  FHC Second Confessions 


All future Bennies families and those still undecided about schools are invited to bring their boys along to get a taste of Grade R. There will be interactive creative, sporting and discovery activities in which boys can participate while their parent have an opportunity to chat to staff to make an informed decision. All welcome, please confirm attendance with Mrs Haji at 011 455 6192.  

Please see our Website calendar for future dates.


CLAYTON SHONE received two trophies from Lukulu Fishing for the best junior and for cathing the biggest Bream
NICHOLAS READ received a medal for taking part in the nIron Kids challenge. He came 8th overall.
MATTEO ERASMUS won gold for individual Kata and silver for Kumite at the Inter Dojo Tournament.


1A Ricky De Freitas Well-written holiday news.
1B  Santiago Viera A good effort in classroom activities.
1C Mitchell Bezuidenhout Trying his best with his written news.
1D Kyle Zorich Well-written news.
2E Kale Toole A good improvement in handwriting and neatness.
2F  Ivan Schrittwieser Excellent fraction work.
2G Jason Hove Diligently applying himself in fractions.
2H  Thibedi Mashaba Excellent fractions work.
3I Davidson Ekwenzi Quick and accurate Mental Maths.
3J Matthew Nicholas Writing an interesting holiday news paragraph.
3K Oratile Moloantoa Writing his holiday news with good punctuation and sentence structure.
3L Taku Zishiri An excellent lesson in our flipped classroom.


Kyle Strydom
3J Vincenzo Korras
3K Brayden Compton
3L Massimo Viurli


2H Gwabini Zungu 2H Cristiano Thomaz
2H Liam Neto 1D Kyle Zorich
1D Marco de Franca 1F Nathan Grobbelaar


Grade R: Getting creative on our new outdoor chalkboard.

    Grade 1: Learning about Tens and Ones in Maths. 

Grade 2: Cutting fruit to explore fractions.  Grade 3: Sharing our holiday news on our colourful playground.

Final Word from the Head

Wishing you all a happy and productive term ahead.  We also look forward to seeing you at our Bennies Family Fun Day tomorrow as we kick off the term with this festive social event with exciting entertainment for the whole family. Not to be missed.




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