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Newsletter 30 November 2018

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This Week's Conversation


As the year comes to a close it is with a great sense of pride that I look back on 2018, the 60th anniversary of our school. We have made wonderful memories and have so much to celebrate. It's been a great year, and together we have learnt so much; boys and staff setting high standards to achieve ambitious goals. I have loved being part of your sons' learning journey as Bennies is a school where we treasure curiosity, creativity and a love of books and learning. I also feel privileged to be working side by side with a team of passionate teachers with high levels of expertise bringing out the best in our boys. They need to be commended for their innovative approach to make learning exciting and relevant, and their commitment to be life-long learners themselves, staying current with best educational practices.  It is always inspiring to walk into their classrooms and I am sure you join me in thanking them for championing our boys. To you, our parents, we appreciate your support and involvement throughout the year as this partnership plays a key role, not only in your son's success but the entire school is enriched. So here is a big shout-out to our family of  Book Buddies, Class Reps, Creative Concert Helpers, Sport Supporters and all who contributed to the success of the year, from all of us we thank you. 

Merry Christmas from the Bennies family to your family.





ThIs line from a favourite Psalm came to mind while I was recently celebrating the Grade 7 Thanksgiving Mass. From the altar, I looked at the parents who take so much interest in the education of their sons that they are able to leave work and other important engagements to be at school and give thanks to God for all the blessings received. I also looked at the teachers and other members of staff and thought to myself that a major part of our school’s success is the result of the hard work and selflessness of these ladies and gentlemen. There were the boys – the lads who were sitting in front of me – the future shining so brightly on their faces as they look forward to the next phase of their school career. With all of these people praying together in front of me, I realized just how blessed this school is and I felt such joy and contentment in my heart. “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”
The psalm is a hymn of thanksgiving and praise. The psalmist expresses the joy of experiencing God’s love and care. It also teaches that only the upright can enjoy true and lasting prosperity. In the psalm, the just are compared to trees that grow around the temple, which is considered as the source of life and fertility because God is present there.
God is present at St Benedict’s College. I know this because I keep witnessing the graces and benefits that the school enjoys and the successes it has achieved through the years. This year particularly was a time to celebrate the diamond jubilee. The year also came with even more achievements. Who am I then not to bend my knees and pray – singing this beautiful psalm - for indeed “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”
While I thank God for all the great things He has done for us, I also take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the St Benedict’s family. We are who we are because of the passion and love you have what you do – teaching, learning, parenting, serving in different departments of the school and its associated properties, and most importantly managing to establish and maintain a good and solid relationship with God.
May He bless you and your families during this special and holy time of the birth of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Psalm 92:1-7;11-16

It is good to give thanks to the Lord
to make music to your name, O Most High,
to proclaim your love in the morning
and your truth in the watches of the night,
on the ten-stringed lyre and the lute,
with the murmuring sound of the harp.

Your deeds, O Lord, have made me glad;
for the work of your hands I shout with joy.
O Lord, how great are your works!
How deep are your designs.
The foolish man cannot know this
and the fool will not understand.

To me you gave the wild-ox’s strength;
you anoint me with the purest oil.
My eyes looked in triumph on my foes;
my ears heard gladly of their fall.

The just will flourish like the palm-tree
and grow like a Lebanon cedar.
Planted in the house of the Lord
they will flourish in the courts of our God,
still bearing fruit when they are old,
still full of sap, still green,
to proclaim that the Lord is just.
In him, my rock, there is no wrong.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who has so generously contributed to our various charity appeals this year.  I am honoured to be part of a community with such big hearts and concern for others.

The true joy of Christmas is the love of Christ, shared with family and friends. May you find His peace, love and joy in the coming New Year.


It has become a tradition for the Grade 3’s to hand over their school sandals to children less fortunate, before they leave the Junior Prep, as they will no longer wear these in Grade 4. At the end of their prize-giving event on Monday 03 December they will receive a cable tie and will be invited to connect their pair of shoes and place in the collection box in the foyer. They may come to school barefoot or wearing slops on the last day of school. This is a voluntary gesture and boys from other grades who may have outgrown their shoes may also contribute to the collection with their parents’  permission. Other shoes may also be added to the collection.


At the end of each year we have traditionally collected the boys’ leftover stationery to donate to needy schools. We thank you for supporting this voluntary initiative. If you would prefer to keep the leftover stationery please notify the class teacher.


Please click here for our Christmas Mass Times


Our prayers and sympathy go out to those in the St Benedict's community who have lost loved ones:
MNOTHO NHASSENGO and family on the passing of his beloved father.
JOSHUA EAMES and family on the passing of his grandfather.



We encourage all parents to attend these events as each boy will receive a certificate recognising his achievement in a particular area of learning. This is in line with our philosophy to acknowledge and celebrate the individual effort of each boy as well the top three Academic Achievements in each class. All events take place on Monday 3 December. Please take note of times:

Grade 1: 8:00 Boys may go home straight after the event. Choir members will be asked to stay on to sing at the Grade 2 event.
Grade 2: 9:30 All boys may go home after the event and those participating in the cricket trials will be supervised and should bring sufficient lunch for the day.
Grade 3: 18:00 Cocktail party followed by the awards ceremony. 


Your son’s final report will be emailed to you on 4 December. Should you not receive it on Tuesday, please contact Mrs Melaia on 5 December MelaiaC@stbenedicts.co.za



What an absolutely delightful performance this was. Congratulations to the boys for taking on their characters and entertaining us with this feel-good story filled with instagram. Follow us on bennies_jp


This was a real highlight for the boys and a right of passage as they move on to the Prep School. The boys loved the experience of visiting the Lesedi Cultural Village and enjoying the freedom of Parnassus farm where they could enjoy real 'boy stuff'; swinging across the mud puddle on a rope, the obstacle course, inventing new games, climbing trees, stalking the lantern and toasting marshmallows at the bonfire,  and of course the thrill of  hiking to the top of the mountain. We will miss these special Grade 3 boys and hope they will keep happy memories of their JP years close to their heart. Go well boys, you are ready to fly. You can view the Camp photos on Instagram: bennies_jp


The JP choir are preparing for their last performance at our annual Gr 1 and Gr 2 Prize Givings on the morning of Monday 3 December. 


The Music Department offers extra cost instrumental lessons in the following instruments:
Piano/Recorder/Flute/Saxophone/Clarinet/Bagpipes/Violin/Cello/Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Voice/Drum Kit/Pipe Band Snare Drum 
2019 charges
i)   R 2120.00 per term for 10, 30 minute lessons
ii)  R 3180.00 per term for 10, 45 minute lessons              
ii)  R 4240.00 per term for 10, 60 minute lessons
Should your son be interested in learning an instrument in 2019, please click on the following link to access our Application Form




Due to logistical challenges at last week’s trials, not all boys had the opportunity to be assessed and we apologise sincerely for this. To make up for this we have scheduled time on Monday 3 December from 12:00 to 14:00 to give all boys a fair chance. We encourage every cricket boy to attend these trials once again. After the Grade 2 prize-giving assembly, the cricket boys will be supervised at the JP and then escorted to the main campus where they can be collected at 14:00. If your son is unable attend, there will be an available trial slot in January 2019. An email concerning the trials will be sent out by the Prep Sports Department and arrangements confirmed via the Bennies App.

Please note: Boys will not need the full cricket gear at this stage, however if your son is intent on taking up cricket for the 2019 Grade 3 season it is highly recommended that you purchase the full kit; bat, helmet, pads and protector.


Junior swim holiday camp 17 - 20 December 8:00 - 13:00 at the Junior Prep pool and fields. Please contact David Upman at upmand@stbenedicts.co.za.


To Mrs Louise De Sousa, we extend our appreciation for her contribution to the musical life of the school. She has helped our boys discover their talents and the joy of music. We have seen music come alive at Bennies over the last 5 years with the high standard of performance of our choirs, ensembles, instrumentalist and of course our spectacular concert productions. We will miss her passion for music and the way she brought out the very best in the boys, inspiring them to love music. We wish her well as she continues her journey and awaits the arrival of Baby De Sousa in March. So we say; Thank you for the music, the songs we’re singing...

To Miss Daniella Peres, who served as an intern for the past 2 years as she completed her studies to join the teaching profession. We thank her for the valuable contribution she made assisting the boys and teachers with her enthusiasm and passion, and wish her well as she starts her teaching career.  

To all boys leaving St Benedict’s and our Grade 3’s who leave us for the Prep School,  may God bless you as you continue your journey. 


Please visit the lost property box to claim your son’s lost uniform items. There are many items of unmarked clothing which will be redistributed at the end of the year.


School closes at 11:45 on Tuesday 4 December, there will be supervision only until 12:30. 


If you are planning after-school activities for 2019, please refer to our extra-mural schedule to avoid clashes.
Extra Mural Time Table 2019

Dates to Diarise

Sat 1 Dec  Dads & Lads Cricket 
Mon  3 Dec  Grade 1 Prize Giving (08:00 - 09:00) 
  3 Dec  Grade 2 Prize Giving (09:30 - 10:30) 
  3 Dec Grade 3 Prize Giving (18:00 - 19:30) 
Tues 4 Dec  School Close at 11:45 
Please see our Website calendar for future dates.


ZURIEL DOS SANTOS received a certificate and medal from Euro Soccer Schools for Outstanding Sportsmanship throughout the year.
LUKE CORBETT received his Senior Colours for Men's Artistic Gymnastics at the Central Gauteng Gymnastics Association.  He also won the Wanderer's Club Championship in the Novice category. 
CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS won a trophy for the Best U/9 Swimmer at the Inter House Gala.
VAUGHN SWANEPOEL received a medal from the National Eisteddfod for Category Winner Piano Own Choice Junior
XAVI RIBEIRO participated in the Supersport United FC World Cup and they came in 6th place


1A Uddhava Swanepoel Fluent and expressive reading.
1B  Logan O'Donogue Taking good care of his possessions.
1C Wisdom Ekwenze Always giving of his best and working diligently.
1D Trishan Marie Conscientious work and good manners.
2E Matthew Stanier Always giving his best in all his tasks.
2F  Dylan Botha Excellent maths calculations.
2G Morgan Mare Always striving to do his best.
2H  Fvour Ikegwuonu Excellence in all his work.
3I Santiago Hill Creating a beautiful tessellation picture.
3J Vaughn Swanepoel Completing all the THRASS tasks for the week accurately.
3K Michael Van Esch Perseverance and co-operation in group tasks.
3L Kavin Kassie A True Blue Bennies Boy


Davide Patrizi
3J Cameron Thomas
3K Bantubonke Mdletse
3L Kieron Iswarlall


2H Thibedi Mashaba 2F Sacha Wasowicz
2F Lucca Angelucci 2E Didi Tloubatla
2G Luke Knight 2G Morgan Mare


1C Lex Notje 1C Tiago De Abreu
2H Tyler Beck 2F Alec Vosloo
1A Rowan Lario 2F Ettore Sturino
2F Kyle Selawe 2F Akani Masondo
3L Massimo Vuirli  3L Emanuele Joseph 
3I Redirile Makgoro  1C  Troy Whelan 
1C Kurt Ressell  1D  Padraig Janse Van Rensburg 
3K Kai Whelan  1B  Zuriel dos Santos 
1B Tyler Lloyd  1B Logan O'Donoghue 
1D Darren Osborn  3L  Jesse du Plessis 
3L Luke Corbett  2E Ethan Ford 
3L Jesse du Plessis  3L  Krish Vaswani 


2F Khaya Gxoyiya 3L Dale Esterhuizen
1B Matteo Patrizi


May your heart and home be Blessed with the true spirit of Christmas and the New Year filled with joy and peace.
School reopens on 16 January 2019


Many parents feel ill equipped to have 'The Talk' with their children and have approached the school for some direction about when is the right time and how to go about it. Because it is so important to have the conversation with your children before they learn from their peers, our Positive Parenting Talk will cover the topic, and provide the opportunity to have your questions answered.  We invite you to join the conversation, particularly if you are a Grade 3 Parent,  on 26 October at the Junior Prep.

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