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Junior Preparatory School News and Events
This section of the site contains news items and details on events. Click on the relevant category in the right pane to access the items you are interested in. These will then be listed below, sorted in reverse order by date.
Nov16Newsletter 17 November 2017
Published: 16/11/2017

We have entered into the final few weeks of the term.....
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Nov02Newsletter 3 November 2017
Published: 02/11/2017

Boys need help with self-esteem too” are the words that psychologists and teachers have been echoi...
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Oct15Newsletter 19 October 2017
Published: 15/10/2017

We all have an inner voice that has the potential to guide and affirm us in positive  ways.....
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Oct02Newsletter 6 October 2017
Published: 02/10/2017

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Sep18Newsletter 22 September 2017
Published: 18/09/2017

On Sunday 24 September we celebrate Heritage Day. ......
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Sep07Newsletter 8 September 2017
Published: 07/09/2017

A warm welcome to our Bennies Families and Staff and especially to our new boys...
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Aug04Newsletter 4 August 2017
Published: 04/08/2017

This last week has provided the boys with glorious opportunities to explore their creativity ........
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Jul18Newsletter 21 July 2017
Published: 18/07/2017

This week each Grade took part in a charity drive to help those in need as part of our 67 minutes ...
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Jul05Newsletter 7 July 2017
Published: 05/07/2017

To see the joy of a child who runs to hug his mom or dad after a busy and exciting day ........
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Jun11Newsletter 15 June 2017
Published: 11/06/2017

Over 17 000 runners participated in this year’s Comrades Ultra Marathon.....
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