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Occupational Therapist

Nicola Scott-Hayward is a registered occupational therapist and trained in sensory integration. She practices at the premises of St Benedict’s Junior Preparatory School, and is available for the assessment and treatment of children. Nicola has over 13 years’ experience, and currently specialises in paediatric therapy. Although she is positioned on the school grounds for the parents’ convenience Nicola is a private practitioner and parents are under no obligation to use her services. Parents are entitled to use another therapist outside the school should they wish to do so.

Following a comprehensive developmental assessment, occupational therapy treats the identified areas of weakness by working with the child, parents and teachers to participate in specific and graded activities. Occupational therapy aims to develop an individual’s maximal abilities, ensuring independent behaviour in all aspects of daily living and especially in the school situation to optimise learning. Areas of intervention include:
  • Postural control: the ability to control the postural muscles and maintain a good posture
  • Gross motor coordination: the control of the large muscles of the body
  • Fine motor coordination: the control of the smaller muscles of the hand and fingers
  • Bilateral integration: the coordination of the two sides of the body and laterality
  • Sequencing and planning skills: the ability to organise mind and muscles to plan, execute and complete a task in a logical progression
  • Visual perception and visual motor integration: the ability to perceive various aspects of visual stimuli and copy
  • Basic concepts: body image and scheme, colour, shape, size, number and part-whole concepts
  • Sensory integration: the ability to interpret and make sense of stimuli in the sensory systems e.g., tactile (touch), visual, vestibular (movement), proprioceptive (joint perception) systems

Referrals for occupational therapy originate from doctors, psychologists, other therapists or teachers. The therapy process is a team effort and requires the active involvement of the child, therapist/s, parents, teachers, school and any other caregivers or professionals involved.

Nicola Scott-Hayward
B.Sc. (Occupational Therapy) WITS
email: njsh@vodamail.co.za

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