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School Readiness Assessment

St Benedict’s prioritises the best interests of its pupils. One way for each boy to achieve his fullest academic scholastic potential is by ensuring school readiness prior to the commencement of Grade1. When a child is ready to learn, schooling is more successful. School readiness is gauged by conducting a comprehensive school readiness assessment. This includes an assessment of intellectual, socio–emotional, scholastic, fine–motor and verbal readiness for school. The aim of the assessment is to assist you and the school to help your son to be optimally ready for Grade 1, and not to prevent him from advancing to Grade 1.  Boys are assessed as close to their 6th birthday as possible and this takes place during the course of the school morning. Parents are provided with a report and detailed feedback including recommendations to maximise readiness, should he be lagging in one or more of the assessed areas.

The school readiness assessments at St Benedict’s are conducted by two psychologists with experience in child development and assessment. Please feel free to contact them should you have any queries in this regard.


Mandy Laskey                                                                   Inge Gouws

Educational Psychologist                                                 Educational Psychologist

mandylaskey@mweb.co.za                                                ingewgouws@gmail.com


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