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Speech and Language Therapist

Stacey Lawlor is a registered speech-language therapist with over 17 years experience who practices at St Benedict’s Junior Preparatory School.  She is a private practitioner and parents are under no obligation to make use of her services but are free to see any speech-language therapist of their choice.

Following a referral by a professional (such as a doctor, psychologist, another therapist or teacher), a speech–language-auditory processing assessment is done.

Areas identified as difficult for the child in the assessment are then targetted in therapy sessions which take place during the school morning.

Areas worked on in therapy include:

  • Speech production
  • Understanding and use of language (including ability to communicate effectively)
  • Auditory processing (which refers to the way the brain processes auditory information)

The therapy process is most effective when part of an integrated effort between parent, child, teacher, therapist and all other professionals involved with the child.

Contact Details:
Phone: 0834569307
Email: gsmostert@absamail.co.za

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