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St Benedict's Music

The Importance of Music

The arts in general and music in particular play an important part in a boy’s development and studies have shown that in monastic schools, boys are far more willing to become involved in a cultural programme.

The study of Music combines left-brain (logical) and right-brain (creative) activity. This results in much stronger links being formed between the two sides of the brain which in turn benefits all aspects of academic work. It requires self-discipline and it builds self-confidence by developing creativity and allowing boys to find freedom of expression while succeeding at complex things. Mathematical skills like counting, fractions, and ratios are developed, as is the understanding and use of symbols. Music encourages creativity and team work – both important commodities in today’s job market.
Music instruction is linked to success in many other subjects because of the self-discipline required and also the manner in which it builds self-confidence.

Head Of Music: Mrs J Chalmers
Junior Preparatory School Music: Ms L dos Santos
Preparatory School Music: Mr R Strijdom

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