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Headmaster's Message

Message from the Headmaster


Welcome to St Benedict’s Preparatory School where our priority is to create a safe and happy learning environment for all our boys. The Senior Prep caters for boys from Grade 4 to 7 and operates on a four class structure per grade, where the maximum class size is 25. Often referred to as the ‘happy years’ by psychologists, the Preparatory School creates a place of learning, challenging engagement and personal growth in an environment that is nurturing and vibrant.  Each boy is provided with every opportunity to reach his full potential and become a fulfilled, confident individual.

Based on spiritual values and gospel principles, St Benedict’s truly offers a genuine holistic education that is boy-friendly and dynamic. We foster a healthy balance between academic, sporting and cultural activities, with strong inter-personal bonds and Christian values interwoven through all we do. We look to the future, to where our boys can have an impact; be of benefit to the community, the environment and their families. There is a sense of joy and wonder to the learning experience here, where boys daily come to discover new things about the world and themselves.  There is a niche for every boy and we believe completely in fostering relationships with boys, parents and teachers so that St Benedict’s can be a happy, thriving community.  

A summary of our vision is most accurately described as:
“The Preparatory School aims to promote the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and creative development of each boy.”

With my very best wishes

Simon Curtis