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Newsletter 12 April 2017

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At the end of term 1 we must say a sad farewell to Mr Travis Flude. Mr Flude has been a huge asset to the school over the years and he has taken on many roles and duties in his   years at the school. He is most known and loved by the boys as the school’s Head of Information Technology, sports coach and Head of Enviro club. Mr Flude has been invaluable in the way his lessons have always been innovative, boy-friendly and managed in a way that had boys learning beyond their own expectations. 

Mr Flude is also a St Benedict’s Old Boy as he attended from Grade 8-12. He then became a coach and intern  and eventually a fully-qualified teacher. He has spent    years at St Benedict’s and, even though he is part of the family and will be dearly missed, it was probably time for Mr Flude to seek out new growth opportunities. Mr Flude will be moving onto the property at Waterkloof House Prep in Pretoria, one of our friendly competitors in many sports, and so we hope to see Mr Flude from time to time.

We hope that Mr Flude and his family enjoy their new adventure and we will be sure to hear that WHPS will appreciate his sterling teaching as much as we have at St Benedict’s.

We welcome Ms Melinda Labuschagne to St Benedict’s in term 2 as she takes up residence in our IT lab. She is an experienced IT teacher and has been engaging with Mr Flude for most of term in order to be ready to carry on the good work done in the Technology classroom. We are sure boys, staff and parents will make Ms Labuschagne feel welcome and offer her their support.


We are finishing off the term with a bang, and so the programme is full of events for boys not to miss. The AFTERNOON PROGRAMME comes to an end today so that academic staff can finalise reports and give some feedback to parents on how boys are progressing. Several boys are in the Assumption-Bennies Prep combined drama performance for the second evening tonight (Friday). There are two big rugby festivals for the Open team and rugby trials on Saturday for all other age-groups. We host our inter-house field day events on Tuesday afternoon and the track events on Wednesday morning before heading off on the Easter holidays. We hope boys will participate wholeheartedly and have fun as they challenge themselves in their athletics disciplines.  Grade 7 boys will enjoy their STEAM project module over a few days and will do a lot of integrated and hands -on learning.

Everybody has been learning, collaborating and exploring with all their might over a long term and we are all about ready to celebrate Easter and have a couple of weeks of down time. Reports will be emailed home on Tuesday and teachers and parents can meet over the afternoons of the first week back, 3-5 May, to discuss any issues or plan positively for the future. Please make email contact with the relevant subject teacher for a meeting time on one of those afternoons.

We remind you that while it’s tough to let go, the best thing you can do for your son is to make him independent. Allow him to entertain his creative side by giving him opportunities for unstructured play in the holidays. Encourage the questions, but don’t provide the answers. Learn to push back with your own questions that will help him solve the problem or try a new perspective.

Have a wonderful Easter break!

Simon Curtis



04 April

Prep Informal Music Concert


06 April

St Stithians 1st team Rugby Festival begins – until 08 April

Assumption Convent/ Bennies Prep combined Drama 18:00


07 April

First Friday Mass

Assumption Convent/ Bennies Prep combined Drama 14:00 and 18:00


08 April

Rugby trials – all age groups


11 April

Prep Colours Assembly 7:20

Inter-house field events afternoon


12 April

Prep Inter-house track athletics 7:30

12:00 Close for end of Term


13 April

1st Rugby team at St John’s Festival 13-17 April


2 May

Staff on duty – email requests to meet with teachers open

Wednesday - Friday


Parent interview week: parents may contact teachers for meetings this week 2-5 pm


The Message of Easter.

Someone I know likes to say “it gets darkest before dawn” when she gives advice to others. My own interpretation of this phrase is that - Just when hope seems lost, because of the darkness of our realities, dawn is just a few moments away to renew that hope. The phrase also brings to mind the words of Psalm 30:5b: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. My reason for looking at these two profound phrases is informed by my reflection on the life of St Benedict’s College throughout the first term of 2017.

From the beginning of the year, all the departments of the whole school strove to commit to the tasks in their respective lines of duty. Most, if not all, were successful, and we continue to thank the Lord for this special grace. However, we also have to acknowledge that the effort towards achieving was met with difficulties and a great amount of challenge – sometimes to the point of wishing to give up. This reality has taught us that, indeed, difficulties are a sure part of our lives. This is the case not only at work or at school, but also in our personal lives. We are all too aware that we live in a world that is full of brokenness - broken lives, broken marriages, broken families, broken relationships, broken spirits, broken hearts, broken trust, broken plans, broken dreams and so forth - and all of this brokenness causes such incredible pain.

This is the dark before the dawnthe weeping that endures for a night. It is also the time when we do not give up, but remain in hope that, while we do our best, soon morning will come and joy will fill our hearts. This is intrinsically the message of Easter. The message that darkness will soon be replaced by light, illness by healing, brokenness by wholeness, tears of sorrow by those of joy.  The message of Easter assures us that, while the gruesome event of the crucifixion and death of Jesus is a reality, an even greater certainty is that the joy that comes as a result of his resurrection will follow.

You may be facing a lot of challenges in your life at this time, and there may seem to be no hope for you. Your circumstances may seem negative and unfixable and there may seem to be no point anymore. I write this to ask you not to give up, for just as the resurrection comes after the crucifixion; Joy will come in the morning, and yes, dawn will soon take the place of those darkest moments.

I pray that the resurrection of Christ during Easter may be a moment of renewal for you, and that you may find joy in striving to be a better person.

Happy Easter from

Fr Thabo Mothiba OMI


SAT  APRIL  -       8    PALM SUNDAY

  5.30pm                Mass

SUN  APRIL  -      9    PALM SUNDAY 

  7.00am          -                Mass

  8.15am          -                Portuguese Mass

 10.00am         -                Mass

 11.45am         -                Mass

   5.30pm         -                Mass

MON  APRIL -   10    

6.25am          -                Mass

  9.00am        -                Mass

  7.00pm          -       Penitential Service

 TUE  APRIL  -    11

  6.25am          -       Mass

  9.00am          -                      Mass

  6.45pm         -                 Rosary and Divine Mercy - in the Church

WED  APRIL -    12 

  6.25am           -      Mass

  9.00am           -           Mass

  6.30pm           -     Paschal Meal & Mass in Parish Hall 


10.00am               -                 Mass of the Holy Oils at the Cathedral             

  7.00pm              -                 Mass of the Lord’s Supper - English and Portuguese  - 

    Washing of Feet and Procession to the Garden  - 

    Adoration until 9.00pm

    Please bring a candle& holder for Mass.

    A collection will be taken up for the poor (SVDP)



                                          DAY OF FAST & ABSTINENCE

 10.00am              -                 Stations of the Cross in the Church

                                                   Children’s Stations in the Garden.

 12 noon           -    Passion & Death of the Lord  -  Liturgy of the Word,

                                                   Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion.

  3.00pm               -                 Passion & Death of the Lord  -  Liturgy of the Word,

                          -               Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion.

  5.30pm           -     Passion & Death of the Lord  -  Liturgy of the Word,

                                                   Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion.

   A collection will be taken up at all services for the Holy Places.



                                                   PLEASE NOTE  -  NO CONFESSIONS !!!!

  6.00pm               -                 Solemn Easter Vigil - the Service of Light - Liturgy of the Word,

   Baptism and the Eucharist

                                                   Please bring a candle & holder & an empty bottle for Holy Water



  7.00am         -              Mass

  8.15am               -                 Portuguese Mass

10.00am               -                 Mass

11.45am               -                 Mass


  9.00am               -                 Mass



As many of you are aware we use the Mathletics app to practise the mathematics skills learnt in class.  Mathletics is the world's leading educational resource for Mathematics, helping our boys enjoy maths and improve their results. The boys are captivated and gain confidence in Mathematics while moving through curriculum aligned activities, accessing available support and practice and tracking their own progress.

Every alternate week the boys come to the library and have an opportunity to access this app on our IPADs and complete the assigned activities.  All boys have been given their user names and password.  We would like to encourage them to practise and go ahead at home as well.  This programme can be accessed on any tablet, computer or laptop with an internet connection.  The website address is http://za.mathletics.com/


Please consult this week’s newsletter for details.


Any lost property not claimed by the end of the term will either be donated to charity or sent to the second hand shop.  If your son has misplaced an item please check with lost property before the end of term.


The Easter Egg Drive was a huge success and we are very pleased to announce that 10 443 eggs were collected as a combined effort (4 188 were collected by the JP school, and 6255 were collected by the Prep School). Those receiving these eggs will have a brighter Easter because of you!

These eggs will be donated to Father Tony’s Parish in Malvern- The Blessed Sacrament, and the WE CARE organisation (who distribute them to a variety of charities).

 Your generosity is much appreciated. 

We Care


110 Oxford Road




Tel No: (011) 616-5326

Tel No: (011) 622-8036

Fax: (011) 616-7360



April 7, 2017


St Benedicts Preparatory School

Kings Road



Re: Donation of Easter Eggs

Dear St. Benedict’s Prep

I would just like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your wonderful efforts extended by all your staff and learners regarding the donation of Easter eggs for the underprivileged children’s Easter egg hunt that will be taking place at Max Goodman Park, Bez Valley on 17th April 2017. The egg hunt is one of the highlights of the year for the kids, and the finding of an Easter egg just makes it that little bit more special.

We will also be going to various old aged pensioners homes as well to hand out Easter eggs to the pensioners. It is very encouraging to know that people like yourself and the learners still care about the needs of others.

To the parents of the learners we would also like to express our gratitude for always coming to the party in supporting the efforts of your children.

Ms Sham and Dr Oerson, you and your team are a real blessing sent from God and if it weren’t for people like you, our efforts would not be realised because unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls and you and your team are one of the most radiant.

To Quote :

James Russell Lowell
‘Not what we give, but what we share, for the gift without the giver is bare.’

Once again thank you for going beyond the call of duty as you do not know how much your generosity astounds.

I send this letter to express our deep gratitude for the sterling contribution you have made in this regard.


Rene du Plooy.