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Newsletter 30 November 2018
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As parents, we can hope so desperately for more instances of quiet, but then we get them and they're boring. Rather than settling into these randomly gifted minutes, we ungraciously fill them.  
By Jennifer S. White

Like most aspects of parenting, dealing with boredom is something some of us are better at than others. Some of us are constant entertainers when we are with our children.  We don’t dare let them go through a single moment of boredom. We set up activities and take them from one play venue to the next and when we’ve run through them all, we play with them until they fall asleep. On paper, that sounds like top-notch parenting, but it’s a bit less impressive in practice. Sometimes it gets to the point where we are afraid to step away to wash the dishes or hang the laundry, because they start complaining, “ I want someone to play with me! I’m bored!”
It’s okay for a child to be bored. 

For many of us, when it comes to parenting, more means better. We have to accept the  truth that we are actually making things much worse.
Letting your children be bored can be terrifying, but it’s a lot easier than it seems. They’ll complain at first. Just wait a few minutes and they’ll find something to do on their own. That’s more than just okay, it’s an essential skill they’ll need for the rest of their lives.

Boredom is something we fear, but it’s a major part of our lives. And making our kids handle it head-on just might be one of the best things we can do for them. 
Boredom improves creativity. The mind doesn’t always go where we want it to. It likes to wander, especially when we’re trying to get it to keep still. And it’s never more active than when it has nothing to do. 

Countless studies have shown that people are more creative when they’re bored – and that’s true for our kids, too. It’s how the human mind works. When our minds are bored, we start to daydream, and that daydreaming sparks creative thought.

When our kids have nothing to do, they exercise their imaginations and that just might be the most important skill they can develop. The workplace our children are going to enter is changing rapidly and we don’t have the ability to prepare them for that world. It’s going to take a lot of creativity to adapt.

Being bored is an important part of finding meaning in life. It happens because our brains are afraid of inactivity.  When our kids are bored, it helps them find value in their own experiences and develop their own unique worldview, which makes them psychologically stronger for the future. When our children grow up, we won’t be there every moment of every day. We won’t be able to entertain them or to fill their schedules with educational events. At some point, we have to let go and hope for the best.
By letting our children be bored plays a big role in learning the skill of self-motivation. Boredom gives children practice in making their own decisions and finding ways to be interested in what’s going on around them.  Only boring people get bored. That’s one of the most important life skills a child can learn. When we spend all of our time entertaining our children, they never have to learn how to entertain themselves.

We may think we may always need to be there for them, but there’s actually no link between the amount of time you spend with your kids and how they turn out. They don’t need us to be there every minute. They need to learn how to handle things themselves. Giving our kids too much attention can create some major problems. Inadvertently, it can teach them that they’re the focus of the world and that everybody’s here to serve them. They become self-centred and selfish. It can also cause kids to accept an identity developed by their parents, instead of developing their own.

Letting your kids have a little time on their own gives you down time which is vital to being a good parents. Focusing on parenting 24/7 does the opposite. It cranks up your stress and anxiety, which can actually hurt your kids. Children pick up their parents’ anxiety, which can hurt their performance in school and can create behavioral problems down the road.

You don’t need to kill yourself trying to keep your kids happy. In fact, it may make things worse. If you’re not happy, your kids aren’t either, and if you’re not mentally well, your kids aren’t either.

So put down the juggling balls and let your kids be bored for a while these Christmas holidays. Take a little time for yourself. Not only is it good for you, but it just might be the best thing you can do for them.



In light of all the free time that you are going to give yourself over the next five weeks, please feel free to come and browse through our selection of books. You may find something that you would like to read. There is no cost involved, all that we ask is that you either leave a book for somebody else to read or return the book once you are done. 

Happy Reading!


“It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”
This line from a favourite Psalm came to mind while I was recently celebrating the Grade 7 Thanksgiving Mass. From the altar, I looked at the parents who take so much interest in the education of their sons that they are able to leave work and other important engagements to be at school and give thanks to God for all the blessings received. I also looked at the teachers and other members of staff and thought to myself that a major part of our school’s success is the result of the hard work and selflessness of these ladies and gentlemen. There were the boys – the lads who were sitting in front of me – the future shining so brightly on their faces as they look forward to the next phase of their school career. With all of these people praying together in front of me, I realized just how blessed this school is and I felt such joy and contentment in my heart. “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”
The psalm is a hymn of thanksgiving and praise. The psalmist expresses the joy of experiencing God’s love and care. It also teaches that only the upright can enjoy true and lasting prosperity. In the psalm, the just are compared to trees that grow around the temple, which is considered as the source of life and fertility because God is present there.
God is present at St Benedict’s College. I know this because I keep witnessing the graces and benefits that the school enjoys and the successes it has achieved through the years. This year particularly was a time to celebrate the diamond jubilee. The year also came with even more achievements. Who am I then not to bend my knees and pray – singing this beautiful psalm - for indeed “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”
While I thank God for all the great things He has done for us, I also take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the St Benedict’s family. We are who we are because of the passion and love you have what you do – teaching, learning, parenting, serving in different departments of the school and its associated properties, and most importantly managing to establish and maintain a good and solid relationship with God.
May He bless you and your families during this special and holy time of the birth of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Psalm 92:1-7;11-16

It is good to give thanks to the Lord
to make music to your name, O Most High,
to proclaim your love in the morning
and your truth in the watches of the night,
on the ten-stringed lyre and the lute,
with the murmuring sound of the harp.

Your deeds, O Lord, have made me glad;
for the work of your hands I shout with joy.
O Lord, how great are your works!
How deep are your designs.
The foolish man cannot know this
and the fool will not understand.

To me you gave the wild-ox’s strength;
you anoint me with the purest oil.
My eyes looked in triumph on my foes;
my ears heard gladly of their fall.

The just will flourish like the palm-tree
and grow like a Lebanon cedar.
Planted in the house of the Lord
they will flourish in the courts of our God,
still bearing fruit when they are old,
still full of sap, still green,
to proclaim that the Lord is just.
In him, my rock, there is no wrong.



The third term of 2018 will definitely go down in my memoirs as memorable and challenging. When Mr Oosthuysen approached me and asked me to step up for a term as the “acting headmistress”, I agreed without hesitation. My reasons were two-fold. The staff in the Prep deserved stability, knowing that the person who would “look after” the Prep for the third term was somebody familiar to them and the procedures. The boys also deserved continuity and familiarity. My goal for the term was simply to keep the “ship” afloat, tick the boxes and ensure that when the new headmaster started in January 2019, he could simply pick up and continue the upward trend started by Mr Curtis. I have enjoyed my time at the helm and can, with all confidence say, that thanks to an amazing staff of teachers and sports coaches, the ship is steady and waiting for its new captain. Thank you to all the teachers and coaches for their unwavering support and to those parents who have shown me support during 2019, especially during the third term. I would like to take the opportunity to wish all our Bennies families a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a wonderful 2019. 

START OF 2019 ACADEMIC YEAR - 16 January 2019

The 2019 academic year begins for all boys on 16 January. 

Boys need to return to school in full summer uniform. Please ensure that your son’s hair is neat and tidy in a style that is in line with school policy. 

Boys need to bring all stationery, books and other required equipment. Please ensure that all stationery and textbooks are labeled with your son’s name and surname. The covering of books will be done at school, supervised by the teachers. 


Please consult the sports planner for details regarding venues and times


The Music Department offers extra cost instrumental lessons in the following instruments:
Piano/Recorder/Flute/Saxophone/Clarinet/Bagpipes/Violin/Cello/Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Voice/Drum Kit/Pipe Band Snare Drum 

2019 charges
i)   R 2120.00 per term for 10, 30 minute lessons
ii)  R 3180.00 per term for 10, 45 minute lessons              
ii)  R 4240.00 per term for 10, 60 minute lessons
Should your son be interested in learning an instrument in 2019, please click on the following link to access our Application Form


Mrs J Chalmers


What a wonderful way to end a very busy week! 

In this materialistic world of “Black Fridays” and “All I want for Christmas……”, it was truly wonderful and special to spend half an hour realising the true meaning and reason for the Christmas celebration. Our boys presented the Christmas story in a simple, yet touching way and the Prep School sang the chosen carols as only our Prep School can. 

We also witnessed the truly “giving” spirit of St Benedict’s Boys , with a little encouragement from Father Christmas. 

Thank you to each and every boy who participated in the Carol Service, no matter how small.