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Newsletter 4 August 2017

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We ended the term at the Prep with a week of learning somewhat less rigorous than most. Boys enjoyed building and project work as well as measuring, presenting, collaborating and learning in ways not quite the usual. They also enjoyed novel ways to learn about one another and themselves, such as through participating in the inter-house music competition. We had a colours assembly and kept up the emphasis on reading by having Hooked on Books bring characters and plots to life on the last day of school. Congratulations to boys for participating with such enthusiasm and collaborative spirit right up to the very end of term. We trust that boys and parents found the feedback in reports sent home on Thursday meaningful and constructive. When we are all re-energized and ready for term three, we will rededicate ourselves to a busy and challenging term of engaging learning. The afternoons of September 6-8 September have been dedicated to parent interviews. These are arranged at the request of parents and usually reflect on the report results and progress comments from term 2.

House pts term 2 – We had a busy term with respect to House activities, across several school disciplines. Congratulations to O’Leary on taking top honours in the termly House competition. They will have bragging rights until the end of term. At present the House tallies lie at:










1. 11400


2. 10800


3. 10400


2. 10800

As was mentioned in an earlier newsletter, we say goodbye to Ms Frisoli (Grade 7 English), Ms Zietsman (Gr 5 Afrikaans) and Mrs Campbell (Grade 5 Maths & Science). All three ladies are taking up teaching posts overseas and we wish them nothing but the best. They have left promising to spread only positive things about St Benedict’s and they have indicated they have all really enjoyed their time and the community at Bennies. Many thanks to the boys and parents who took the time to say thank you to these and other teachers over the course of the term.

We also ask boys to think of Aidan Green as he recovers in hospital. The support from his friends is a really strong recovery potion and we trust boys, parents and teachers will continue to support him over the next stage of his recovery.

Please remember to check the term 3 Sports Brochure and the Afternoon Planner for term 3. They are on the App and website but from term 3 the App will be the single place to find all the essential information for your son’s busy day. The brochure is as complete as possible with some fixtures yet to be confirmed by other schools.

Boys return on Wednesday 6 September, with neat haircuts and summer uniform and, hopefully, full of energy and determination to meet every challenge with a positive attitude and self-belief. We challenge boys to not miss a single day of school in term 3 unless it is completely unavoidable. There is so much to learn and so much to enjoy and share with fellow learners that every day should be greeted with optimism and enthusiasm. 

Parents, thank you for the support you offer staff as they engage with our young boys so tirelessly every day. Term 3 of 2017 is going to be fantastic and the anticipation of the possibilities of the new spring season is already upon us. Travel safe and have the most wonderful vacation. 

S Curtis



We have reached the end of another busy term. The holidays are here and have set us free from our daily routines and provide us with some much needed rest. When it comes to our spiritual lives, holiday time can be a time of spiritual decline, a time when we fall off our spiritual path.

Whether your holiday consists of visiting family, a day or weekend away, or an epic trip halfway across the country, or time relaxing at home, find ways to incorporate  your faith within the context of the holiday. Consider ways to strengthen not only your faith, but the faith of your family members. When we go out of our way to honour God, He blesses our families and provides us with a more meaningful and enriching holiday experience. Even Our Lord took time away from His busy life, to be strengthened and renewed during His ministry.

Here are just a few suggestions to keep your faith alive and strong:-

  • Remember that God is always there.  He does not forget you.

  • Do a daily devotional, it will keep you in the Word  and enhance your prayer life and keep you closer to God.

  • Give and care for those who God has called you to help.

  • Talk to someone if you feel separated from God. Talk through your issues and pray with them about your struggle.

  • Pray and ask God to help you stay focussed.

Wishing you all a blessed, safe and happy holiday.



30 August

Prep Hockey Tour departs for KZN


6 September

School re-opens for Term III


8 September

Bennies Bash


9 September

Hockey vs CBC at St Benedict’s


11 September

Grade 6 Conquesta Olympiad


12 September

Grade 6 Conquesta Olympiad


13 September

Grade 6’s depart for Leadership Campat Parnassus


15 September

Grade 6’s return from Leadership Camp



07:40 – 1:00 Grade 4 Retreat at Bosco



1st Team Waterpolo at St Peter’s Boys Prep


16 September

Hockey vs St John’s (at St John’s & St Benedict’s)

Please consult the Term 3 Sport's Brochure for details

NEA Eisteddfod (Music)

The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) Eisteddfod provides boys, who are learning instruments, with the opportunity to perform in a non-threatening environment, with feedback being provided by well-qualified adjudicators.  It is not a competition and performers are awarded a certificate reflecting their achievement:  Diploma; Gold; Silver or Bronze. 

The cost per entry is R175.00.

We will be hosting a week of the Eisteddfod (for Music), the provisional dates of which are Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 September.  

If you would like your son to take part in the Music Eisteddfod, please reply by clicking the link below.

If you have already replied to the email that was sent to parents of boys learning at St Benedict's, there is no need to reply again.

Should you have any queries, please contact me on chalmersj@stbenedicts.co.za



In order to plan adequately for 2018, I would like to draw to your attention that should your son not be returning to St Benedict's Prep School in 2018, a term’s notice is required.


This notice needs to be in writing and addressed to Mr Simon Curtis and emailed to the Head’s PA, Mrs Schnelle at  schnellem@stbenedicts.co.za

Should the College not receive a letter of intent before 4 August 2017, parents will be liable for a terms fees.

Simon Curtis







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