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Newsletter 08 September 2017

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We are looking forward with much enthusiasm to term 3 at Bennies Prep. Spring is in the air and there is so much on offer in our very busy calendar. We hope boys are enthusiastic about participating wholeheartedly in not only the academic challenges of the term, culminating in exams, but in the sports and cultural activities on offer. Please also help your son maintain a balanced load so that he can keep a focus on doing well at academics as well as finding time to pursue all those other fulfilling endeavours. Each grade has a full schedule of exciting learning and events to keep boys learning, sharing and growing. Hockey season is in full swing after some pre-season games on a holiday tour to Durban. Pre-season practices for swimming, water polo, basketball and cricket are about to begin and annual favourites like tennis and golf maintain their momentum.

This is a busy cultural season and we encourage boys to try out for inter house drama, public speaking and eisteddfods coming their way. All of these are on the calendar as well as exciting Art exhibitions and museum weeks, reading breakfasts and the like.

Other events to look forward to are cricket, water polo and basketball tours and festivals. There are retreats, grade camps, external exams, chess evenings, celebration masses, Eisteddfods, drama, public speaking, an Art exhibition, a museum week, a cultural showcase and so much more.

We hope that boys are making the most of school and that term 3 is going to be one of the happiest yet.

 Our HABIT OF MIND for this week and next is RESPONDING WITH WONDERMENT AND AWE. This is a disposition synonymous with a growth mind-set, a positive outlook or a “glass half full” attitude. We actively role model and try to inculcate this as a life perspective in Bennies boys. Hopefully, boys learn to appreciate all they have, particularly in the world around them. How disappointing the world must be if one doesn’t take joy in daily things or realise how amazing nature, relationships and such really are.

This also adds to an ongoing sense of discovery and joy in learning. If there is always something new and mysterious or more to learn, then the world is an exciting place and keeps boys eager to find out more. Essentially, learning is for life with this disposition. It’s also infectious when dealing with people. No one likes to be around the jaded or the negative.

How do you and your son rate with responding with wonderment and awe?

Welcome to new staff:

Mrs Anzelle Marais has joined us in Grade Five Afrikaans. She seems to be a good fit and is working well with both the boys and the staff.

Mrs Ashleigh Abrahams in the Grade Five Mathematics class for the duration of term three

Mrs Karen Roberts has graciously agreed to step into Grade Seven English until the end of 2017. It was felt it would be more settling for the Gr 7 boys rather than trying to get used to a new teacher for the third term. Mrs Serafino is in a locum position to cover the Mrs Roberts’s Grade 4 Academic support role.

Mr Tyrone Fernandes is the LO/teacher appointment and replaces Mr Mattheus. He is a rugby and all round sports coach as well as a qualified academic teacher

Mr Grant Wright has been appointed as HOD sport and we trust parents and boys will support him as he finds the lay of the land at St Benedict’s



09 September

Hockey vs CBC at St Benedict’s


11 September

Grade 6 Conquesta Exams


12 September

Grade 6 Conquesta Exams


13 September

Grade 6’s depart for camp to Parnassus



CSO Choir Festival


15 September

Grade 6’s return from camp



Grade 4 retreat to John Bosco

S Curtis


Faith like a Rock

Peter is the perfect example of a man whose faith was as strong as a rock. Although he did have his challenges, and denied Jesus three times, as well as losing faith when walking to Jesus on the lake, he never gave up. He believed in Jesus, he listened to Jesus; he tried again after every failure. He still got up, still believed, still preserved. He is a great role model for us to follow, and we should teach our boys about him, and how important it is to have faith like him.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase”- unknown. Faith needs to grow-not on its own but through prayer and meditation on the Word. Believe in your prayer, ask with an open heart, and your prayer shall be answered (Mark 11: 24-25). It is difficult at times to trust God completely and to put all our faith in Him. But it is important to remember that God will not let us down, He always answers us, and sometimes not in the way we want or expect. A Christian is someone who has a relationship with Jesus, and this relationship just like any other, can only be developed through having trust and faith in Him. God will never forsake us. He is love, and loves us so deeply and wants us to love Him in return: “Love is the measure of faith” Pope Francis.  Just like a parent wants the best for their children, and for their children to trust them completely, God only wants the best for us and wants us to trust Him completely, for He will provide for us.

With every class, and corner of this school filled with symbols of my faith, and having the opportunity to go and reflect in the Chapel, I feel blessed. It has been a constant reminder of God’s presence in my life. I feel very privileged that I am able to work in such an environment. In addition, I feel honoured that I get to teach and instil faith in these young men. It is an important factor of our spiritual growth to be constantly reminded of our purpose in life, who we are made in the image of, and serving our ever living God. Sometimes we need that little nudge in the right direction; we need to be reassured that all will be well, and how it should be.

God is always there, and will always be there!

“Now faith is being SURE of what we HOPE for and CERTAIN of what we do not SEE”- Hebrews 11:1

Let us pray:


This is a reminder that Grade 6 boys are writing Conquesta external exams on Monday and Tuesday. Unless there is an emergency, please send your son to school so that he can challenge himself to do well. The exercise is illuminating for all concerned on how each boy is progressing and how he applies himself in an exam setting.


The Grade 4's are celebrating Roald Dahl's birthday on Wednesday 13 September.  We encourage the pupils to come to school dressed up as a character from one of his books, or to dress up as Roald Dahl himself (except choir boys).  Please be creative and do not hire outfits.

We will be doing activities based on Roald Dahl's characters and life.

Here's looking forward to an exciting "book" day.

The Grade 4 teachers

Please consult the Weekly Sports Planner for details


Please note that hockey fixtures at St Benedict’s this afternoon coincide with preparation for Bennies Bash. Congestion around gates is likely so we have suggested to boys and parents that they use the Dean Road entrance to pick up boys after 4 o’clock. Please be patient with staff at the main gate as they try to manage the influx of Bashers and outflow of hockey boys and parents. Avoid the main gate if possible.

St Benedict’s Prep Golf Day – 24 November 2017: Modderfontein Country Club

SAVE THE DATE 24 NOVEMBER : Look out for the flyer next week on costs and how you can get involved.

We have a wonderful term of culture planned for our boys.  There are a few new initiatives, and I would like you to encourage your boys to participate in as many as possible.  We have our Museum week (26 to 28 September), which was held last year, but will be on a much bigger scale this year.  We have so many pieces of beautiful artwork and would love to share them with everyone.   As a result, we are having an art exhibition during that same week, 26 to the 28 of September.  All the  work and art will be on display after school, in the school hall, every day until 3:30.  Everyone is welcome to come, view the work and art, and enjoy a cup of tea! 

Within this week, we will also have the interhouse drama competition on the evening of the 27th of September at 18:30.  All boys that take part in school drama or Confident Kids are encouraged to participate.  The boys can choose what they would like to do, either mime, monologue, duologue, a poem, a prepared reading or choral verse.  They will be able to volunteer to take part over the next few days.

Please diarise this week as it will be a week where our boys have the opportunity to showcase their talents. 


The Prep School Choir will be participating in the CSO Choir Festival, which is being held at the Holy Rosary Hall, Shanahan Park on Wednesday 13 September.  The Festival will, once again, take the form of choral workshops which will give the choristers the opportunity to interact whilst learning new music, which will be performed by the massed choirs at the end of the morning.

The details of this event are as follows:

DATE & VENUE:  Wednesday 13 September at Holy Rosary School Hall, Shanahan Park, Adjutant Road, Elma Park.

TIME & TRANSPORT:  The boys will be transported on school buses which will leave St Benedict’s at 08:00 and return to the school by 12:30 at the latest.   

UNIFORM: Summer Uniform

LUNCH: Please ensure that you send a packed lunch with your son as no refreshments will be available at the venue.

You are invited to attend the short concert at the end of the morning.  It will start at about 11:30 and will end by 12:00. 

Please indicate your willingness for your son to travel to and from Holy Rosary on the school buses by following this link:


​Shou​ld you have any further queries, please contact me on chalmersj@stbenedicts.co.za.

Thank you for your support of the Music Department.


Please remember the safety of your boys. We have noticed boys walking and crossing where it is not safe. The roads are extremely busy in the morning and many boys are not using the Scholar Patrol to cross. This is a zebra crossing anyway so even if there were no scholar patrol boys present this is the only safe way to get across the street.

Simon Curtis







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