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Newsletter 12 April 2019
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Dear Parents and Boys

As this is the final newsletter of the first term, I would like to sincerely thank you for all that you do for all of our boys in attendance, here at St Benedict’s. There is no doubt that this is a particularly busy place and it requires a collective effort from parents, staff and boys alike in order for there to be a spirit of continuous development and growth. I cannot help but reflect so positively on the term as a whole; much has been achieved in our classrooms, on our sportsfields and on the various platforms made available within a cultural context. For this, we can only be grateful for the blessings that we receive in abundance at this wonderful Preparatory School.

At our end of term assembly, I expressed my gratitude to everyone who plays such an integral role in terms of what we do each day. I also expressed my immense sense of pride to be the Headmaster, to the boys, of their school and congratulated them all on trying to be the very best versions of themselves each day. Some thoughts around success and that of successful people were also highlighted; these I believe are to be principles which we encourage daily:

that being successful in life is all about having the proper belief system in who you are; truly believing that you are something unique
that you choose to handle negative thoughts with positive action
that you trust in yourself and your fellow peers that you are better than the difficulty of a moment in time
that you ‘think about what you were thinking about’ when your effort levels were low
that you constantly find ways to approach ‘the game’ in a totally different way
that you think about the opportunity - not the obligation
that be enthused, excited by the fact that you are Bennies Boys and that you have an opportunity - seize it!

Though an April holiday is welcomed after a busy term, we remain excited and grateful that we are in a position to embrace the opportunities that will undoubtedly present themselves.  

In the frenetically, fast-paced world in which we dwell, I ask of all of us to reflect on the message, delivered at the beginning of the year, about the importance of relationships. Often, through a variety of platforms, young boys are exposed to the difficult reality that we live during some challenging times. The world, certainly in our eyes, is a little more complex than what it was ‘when we were young’. Be their sense of comfort, guidance and support. More so in contemporary times, boys thrive by the fact that boundaries exist whereby the fundamental facets of life remain predictable and, in some sense, calming and reassuring. The crucial significance of positive role modelling has never been as relevant as it is today. Take the time to nurture the relationships that you have with your sons in the ‘here and the now’ and please take the time to simply relax, reflect and rejuvenate. I thoroughly look forward to welcoming you back to our Winter Term. If you are travelling, do travel safely. 

May you and your family be blessed this April holiday as you celebrate Easter, from the reflection of Good Friday to the joy of Easter Sunday and the promise of eternal life.

Warmest regards

Brendan Quinn


Please consult the sports planner for Term II


The Gr 6 and 7 boys will be writing exams from 27- 31 May. The exam timetable as well as the study requirements for each grade will be available on the website from Tuesday, 7 May. 


The Gr 4 and 5 boys will be participating in a study skills course from 27- 30 May. Information in this regard has been sent out to parents. Please ensure that you complete the Google form by clicking on the link in the study skills letter. 


Boys are to return to school on 7 May for the start of term two in full winter uniform. Hair needs to be neatly trimmed according to the school's hair policy and regulations.