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It is compulsory at St Benedict’s Preparatory School for all boys from Grade 3 - 7 to participate in two summer and one winter sporting code during the integrated day sport sessions. We also expect and strongly encourage commitment and participation to at least one winter and one summer sporting code during the afternoon and team sporting programme. Our sport policy only allows boys to be eligible for team selection when they attend afternoon practice sessions regularly. Our Integrated day sporting programme allows specialised coaching to all boys at St Benedict’s as our coaches base most of these lessons on the basic skills and gross motor skills as maximum participation lessons are planned for smaller groups which also allows more individualised attention. Our afternoon sporting programme offers the opportunity to boys where our experienced team of coaches focus and apply team coaching sessions, match situations, game strategies and knowledge of the game. Our sports philosophy is clear: participate, master the skills of the sport as far as possible, learn about yourself and others and, above all, enjoy the game. The main aim at St Benedict’s Preparatory School is to develop all boys and not only a selective group as this will contribute immensely to the latter growth and depth of each sporting code at St Benedict’s College. 

Sport is not a pleasant way of passing an afternoon or School morning training session at School. Sport is a passion! This commitment to their school, their team and their own development is a vital life skill and a vital part of their life at the School. Leadership, team building and camaraderie are developed. A good education is not just exemplified by success in academics. A truly holistic education must encompass culture and sport as well as allowing every boy to find his strengths and build on them, as well as acknowledging his weakness and strengthening them.

Sport at St Benedict’s Preparatory School is an important dimension of the broad scope of primary phase learning. Given that the profile of sport will operate as secondary when managed within the fuller context of the academic curriculum, our prime motivation for offering sport is to provide a learning area that will give our boys an opportunity to: 

1. Exercise and develop their mental and physical potential; 

2. Participate with others within a structured programme in order to develop recognised and acceptable social skills; 

3. Have fun; 

4. Learn to cope and manage their responses within a competitive environment; 

5. Learn to give of their best at all times and situations; 

6. Take advantage of and learn within a wide variety of sporting codes that are provided for the boys’ enjoyment and extension. 

7. Develop certain basic skills that will encourage the boys to go on to further these particular disciplines in the near future;

8. Recognise and make provision for the extension of boys who demonstrate special talent and flair in particular sporting codes.

Yours in Sport,

Preparatory Sports Department

Thank you to our sponsors!

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