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MIC : Mr R Vas

Coach's Report

“The beautiful game” is the biggest sport at St Benedict’s Preparatory school, with approximately 380 boys playing soccer over five age groups. This increased number of boys is due to the new split seasons where we have separated the rugby and soccer seasons which enables the boys to experience the best of both worlds and show their brilliant talents.

2016 soccer season is a short but exciting season where Bennies will play fixtures on Wednesday’s and Saturdays against private schools around Gauteng. We look to ensure maximum participation where all boys will be able to participate in as many fixtures as possible and enjoy this wonderful game.

The highlight of the season will undoubtedly  be the U13 St Benedict’s soccer festival hosted at Ravens park. There will be approximately 16 teams joining us at this prestigious festival which will showcase some of the most exuberant talent at the under 13 level.

“Football is not just a game, it’s a lifestyle”

Yours in soccer

Bobbie Vas


Soccer Scenes

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Soccer Information