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Sports Policies

Summer Sports Codes

In summer, boys may participate in cricket, tennis, swimming, athletics and Rowing (Grade 6 & 7).

Winter Sports Codes

In winter, rugby, soccer, tennis and cross country are offered while hockey is played in July and September.

Basketball is offered in grade 6 and boys may then continue into Grade 7. Similarly rowing and water polo are on offer to the Grade 6 and 7 boys, many of whom take these sporting codes in the high school.

Most of the Preparatory School sport is played in fixtures against other Independent Schools. There are, however, leagues involving state school that are entered by St Benedict’s. Examples of these are rugby, soccer and tennis.

The table below provides a summary of the sporting codes and seasons in which these sports are played:

January to third week in February Cricket
  • Under 11A and Firsts –Super league on Wednesday afternoon;
  • Under 10A, Under 11B and 2nds vs “A” teams of local state schools;
  • Under 10B, Under 11C and 3rds vs “B” teams of local state schools;
  • Under 9 and ‘D’ teams as arranged during the week.
  • Under 9A and B to Open 2nds. 3rds and 4ths vs Independent Boys’ Schools on Saturdays.
  • Under 9 to Under 13 ‘A’ team in 50m A relay galas
  • Under 9 to Under 13 ‘B’ team in 50m B relay galas
  • All galas  on Friday afternoons vs Independent schools
  • Eastern Gauteng School galas are hosted on Wednesdays as well.
  • Juniors A to I team on Tuesday afternoon vs East area schools (Independent and state schools)
  • Senior A-I on Thursday afternoon vs East area schools (Independent and state schools)
End February and March Athletics
(rugby and soccer pre-season)
  • A and B team’s vs Independent Boys’ Schools on Wednesday and Saturday meetings.
  • Prestige athletics meeting on the last Wednesday of March.
May and June Rugby
  • Under 9 A and B to Opens 1sts and
  • 2nds participate in Golden Lions primary school rugby league.
  • Open C and D teams play in festivals and friendly matches as arranged.
  • Matches are played on Wednesdays.
  • Under 9 A and B to Open 1sts-4ths participate in the South Gauteng primary school soccer league. Matches are played on Wednesdays.
  • Soccer matches against Independent School are also arranged in a festival format.
  Tennis ‘A’ to ‘D’ juniors and seniors on Thursday afternoon against the Independent Boys’ Prep schools.
July to first week in August Cross country Under 9 to Under 13 boys participate in a friendly league running at the Independent Boys’ schools on Wednesday afternoons.
September and first week in October Hockey Under 11 and Under 13 ‘A’ teams play on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday morning or as arranged.
October to mid November Cricket, swimming and tennis As above

  • Preparatory School boys are expected to participate on one summer and one winter sporting code.
  • Rugby is not compulsory and boys who select rugby are not able to participate in soccer as the matches usually occur on the same day.
  • School sporting codes and fixtures must always take preference over club commitments. Boys may not be excused from school sporting fixtures for the purposes of playing club sport.
  • Sports colours are not given for sporting codes not offered by St Benedict’s.
  • All teams are selected on merit and open and fair trials must be conducted at the start of each season.
  • When representing the school in a sports team, players must be properly dressed in the official sports kit of St Benedict’s Preparatory School.

Sports Policy in the Preparatory School
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