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Wellness facilitator and counsellor

Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance and Counselling Department at St Benedict’s aims to enhance both the personal- and career-focused development of each student throughout their schooling at St Benedict’s. Student development encompasses guiding and supporting students through an informed and healthy transition from the world of school towards the world or work, further education and beyond. We consider guidance as a continuous developmental process, already incubated during the Junior Preparatory phase (developmental counselling) leading up to the College years. Students entering the College in Grade 8 are introduced to the supporting structures at an introductory camp at the start of each year. The needs of the student are central to our guidance practice. The core focus to guidance counselling is the presenting needs of each individual student.

Purpose of the Guidance and Counselling Department

The Guidance and Counselling Department has four distinct roles:

1.Individual Counselling
This area includes both personal and career counselling. It aims to support students in their personal development, helping them to address problems they may experience with learning, studying, subject choices and behaviour change.

2.Group Counselling
This service is available to students who may share common goals, including but not limited to social skills, sexual health, bereavement, mood fluctuation, academic pressure and adjusting to the boarding experience.

3.Career Guidance
This service offers both study habits and career interest inventories. These are used to enable appropriate decision-making with subject and future career choices. The indicators obtained from a student’s interest inventory may support scholastic performance in a competency-based manner (e.g. highlighting problem-solving, decision-making, innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, working standards, planning and organizing, and more.)

4.Provision of Information
Appropriate information remains essential for effective decision making. An updated resource area is available for students’ own research on matters of interest. 

Personal Counselling

Every student has the opportunity to meet with the Guidance Counsellor. Individual guidance facilitation and counselling supports a student with exploring their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relational management to maximize the best from their scholastic opportunities. Students may only benefit from addressing the many aspects of self-development. Students may be referred for guidance and counselling by one of the St Benedict’s staff. However, students may self-refer at any time and can arrange for meeting the Guidance Counsellor at any mutually suitable time.



School Counsellor

Dr T. Lennox (BA, PGCE, (Hons) BEd Psych, MEd (Psychology of Education), D.Emed, PHD)

Services offered:

  • Integrated and Holistic Counselling
  • Career Guidance Counselling
  • Stress Management and anger management
  • Time management

Tel: 011 455 1906

Email: LennoxT@stbenedicts.co.za


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