Dino Paulo, winner of Survivor, Season 9, visits his Alma Mater

Class of 2008, Dino Paulo’s visit to St Benedict’s College on the 26th of September brought an excited chatter to the corridors and classrooms for boys and staff alike. Dino’s arrival was fueled by the excitement of meeting a Survivor SA victor! Dino did not only bring back his stories from Survivor for our boys to hear but also a truly inspirational message to guide the boys in their future endeavours.

The fuss surrounding Dino’s experiences on the show such as winning immunity in the challenges, the struggles with the absence of family for so long and winning the jackpot certainly kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The impact Dino has left on our boys cannot go unmentioned. Dino provided an uplifting message to the boys of the college, having spoken about his own failures and successes from high school and throughout his life and the power of perseverance.

For many of the boys the most heartfelt moment of Dino’s speech was in sharing his own experiences regarding the realities of life and the support that our own St Benedict’s staff played in guiding him through some turbulent years. It was a talk that left the minds of our College enriched, souls inspired and hearts melted.

He truly epitomises what it means to be “the light of the world” and reminds boys that they may be Bennies boys today but can be trailblazers tomorrow.

– Article courtesy of Thashil Mistry (Matric 2022)