The Joseph Gerard Aftercare Centre

St Benedict’s provides the service of a well-equipped Aftercare Centre named after Blessed Joseph Gerard OMI. Our aim is to provide a safe environment where the boys are allowed to learn and play in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The Aftercare Centre caters for boys from Grade 00 to Grade 7. It is is managed and supervised by staff employed by St Benedict’s. The staff members are well trained in the practice of supervising young boys.Click on this link to apply for aftercare.

Aftercare Services

The Aftercare Centre is open between 12h30 and 17h30 on weekdays. The boys are provided with lunch and an afternoon snack. They are assisted to extra murals, sports and afternoon activities within the school. Supervised homework sessions are overseen by Teachers from the Junior Preparatory and Preparatory School.

Aftercare Calendar

The centre runs on the school calendar and is open during the April holidays and the June mid-term break at no extra cost for registered boys. Daily rates for non-registered boys are available. A special programme is run during August holidays at an additional daily charge. The August holiday programme is a structured programme with exciting activities for the boys.

Aftercare Fees

Aftercare fees will be increased to R1 950 per month (billed over 10 months). The Joseph Gerard Aftercare Centre operates during midterms and April school holidays at no additional costs. It will, however, be closed for the August and December holidays. Click here for the latest updated school fees schedule.

Full Subscription

Aftercare 5 days a week. Holiday care in April and the winter midterm. Cost R1,950 per month for 10 months.

Half Subscription

Aftercare limited to 10 days in a month. Holiday care at an additional daily rate of R170. Cost R975 per month for 10 months.


CLICK HERE to Register for Aftercare.

Take A Tour

Take our online, virtual tour to see our aftercare facilities.

Take A Tour

Take our online, virtual tour to see our aftercare facilities.